Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is an exchange I had with a supporter and friend, and it concerns the shots analysis in Dealey Plaza. He gave his opinion, and then I gave mine. Keep in mind that this is not an area in which I claim expertise. I am not a ballistics expert, so, I am just stating my opinions and not with a heavy foot. Other things, like Oswald in the doorway and Bookhout in the garage, yes, I do that, but not this. He went first. 

   My Thoughts   based on  Dr Randolph Robertson  synchronization . The first shot  was from  the Dal-Tex building 2nd floor with a lookout on
 the fire escape.  It  was a deliberate shot to his back  and not  to his head . It's purpose  was to stun Kennedy  and immobilize him before going for the head shot.  It was   too risky to go for  a head shot on the first bullet. The bullet did not tumble
 and exited Kennedy's neck  cleanly  .  Connally  did not get out of the way . Instead he turned directly into the line of fire. The second shot was from the   6th floor of the TSBD. It was a deliberate wounding  shot to Connally's side to  get  him out of 
 the line of fire.  It also served  to draw people's  attention away from  the Dal-Tex and up to the TSBD . The  third shot came from  DAL-TEX  building hit Kennedy in the back and side of head and was probably a mortal wound by itself . The fourth shoot came
 from the grassy knoll  hit Kennedy in the side of the head 1/10 th of a second later and finished him off. This was not a planned shot The grassy  knoll shooter was a backup  . Governor  Connally  screwed up the plotters plans by taking  so long to get out
 of the line of fire. This greatly  complicated the  cover up  . The fifth shot was again from the  6th floor of the TSBD .    It struck  the frame of the windsheild.  This was   deliberate distraction shot  by the shooters to draw everyone's eyes up  to the
 6th floor of the TSBD and keep them there for 50 years. Conclusion:  The  assassination  was methodically planned by experts  and all 5 shots achieved their purpose. The president was dead.                 March 25 , 2017                   B.D. 

B, I believe the first shot was from the Dal-Tex building, a low elevation. But, it's the shot that missed. It sailed over JFK's head. The shot that hit him in the back came next. And actually that shot was about simultaneous with the shot to his throat from the front. Both occurred when the limo was obscured by the freeway sign in the Z film. 
Now, I think you're right about the purpose of the back shot being to stun him, but there may have been more to it than that. I really think it's possible that it delivered a drug, which was the way of immobilizing him.  In the Zapruder film, JFK acts drugged. He doesn't take cover. He doesn't get his wife to take cover. He is mentally out of it. He really seems doped. What else could cause that except a drug? It might have been an ice bullet that only penetrated a couple inches and delivered its payload. And of course, the ice would have very quickly melted. 
The wound in Kennedy's throat was way too small to be an exit wound. That was a separate, small caliber bullet, shot from the front, possibly from the overpass. It is absolutely preposterous to think that a bullet that entered Kennedy's back at the level of T3 came out his throat. And remember, it had a distinctly downward trajectory, and even the autopsy doctor said so. So, how could it go up? 
I'm not willing to accept that Connally was shot deliberately. Remember, he was a very close friend of LBJ.  He was LBJ's protege. He was a member of LBJ's Texas Mafia. LBJ made Connally- his whole political career. So, LBJ was never going to sanction a deliberate hit on Connally. LBJ tried very hard to get Connally out of JFK's limo. He tried to get JFK to take Senator Yarborough instead. But, JFK said no, that he was in Texas, and therefore he was going to ride with the governor of Texas. Reports are that they had a fierce argument about it the night before, and JFK really put LBJ in his place.  So, I really do believe that Connally was shot by accident. Hey, it was a sniper attack, and you don't always hit your target. 
I really don't know if any serious shots were taken from the 6th floor. It had the obstructed view, and I think they were all about attracting attention to frame Oswald since they had somebody up there who looked like Oswald. But, I don't know that any of the known shots can be traced to the 6th floor. 
Then, yes, the fatal head shot came from the Grassy Knoll. I know that some say that there was an additional shot from the rear which came a tiny split second before the fatal head shot, but I am not so sure. Maybe they're right, but at this point in time, I don't treat it like money in the bank.
The total number of shots may have been more than 5. But, this is not an area in which I claim any expertise. But, thanks for giving some thought to it. It's very interesting to try to figure it out, and I could even say fun. Ralph 

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