Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So, they had this massive police effort to secure that garage. They had everything but bomb-sniffing dogs, and somebody said they even had that. 

But, Jack Ruby walked up to the Main Street ramp, which had two officers there, Rio "Sam" Pierce (in a police car) and Ray Vaughn (on foot), and Ruby just walked right by them and down that ramp. 

How hard is it to stand at a narrow ramp and turn back anyone who tries to get in? I could get an 80 year WalMart greeter to do it, and he wouldn't have a lick of trouble. But, 2 cops couldn't do it. 

"Yeah, he got by us. It's a shame. But, you know, mistakes happen. We're only human. It could have happened to anybody. It's not our fault." That's what they said (though I paraphrased). And then Leavelle and Graves said, "Yeah, he got to Oswald. But, there was nothing we could do. It happened so fast. He came out of nowhere. It was a single-action revolver. Don't you know? There was nothing we could do. It's a shame. But hey, the next day, we got Ruby to the County Jail without him being shot, so that makes up for it."

Well, I'll tell you, if you don't get it that these Dallas cops were all in on it, that it was planned to get Ruby where he needed to be, then you must have just fallen off the turnip truck. The only one who was not aware of what was going on was Jack Ruby. 

Here is that article on Rense by Michael Levy about Ruby being under mind control, as per MK-UlTRA.


Again, I want to say that if you believe that Ruby was in any way put up to doing it, then you need to accept the fact that the only thing they would have trusted that maniac to do was to take responsibility for doing it- not to actually do the act itself. Why would they trust him to be firing a gun when they knew very well that his mind was gone? He was a basket case. You don't make the mentally-ill guy the shooter. You just let him take the blame. 

It was just like with Oswald. They didn't need him to kill Kennedy. They had experts for that. They needed him TO TAKE THE BLAME for killing Kennedy. That's all. And it was the same for Ruby. They didn't need him to kill Oswald, just to take the blame for it.

Now read this. It's about Louis Joylon West, the "Maestro of Mind Control." Did you know that besides visiting Jack Ruby numerous times, he visited Timothy McVeigh numerous times? The author claims that West also visited Sirhan, Charles Manson, and David Koresh. Do you think it's true? And if it is true, don't you think it puts quite an angle on the whole thing? 


 Dr. West with his Top Secret CIA clearance and involvement with MK-ULTRA does shine some new light on the subject. Whether or not he programmed them before the events took place or only fine tuned them after the fact, one thing is clear: Dr. West was a key element in the outcome of some of America's deadliest tragedies. 

I don't know who the author is. He's another incognito guy. The Ops aren't the only ones who hide their identity. 

Ruby wasn't well, and they knew he wasn't well before anything happened. They never in a million years would have had him do any firing in the garage, and when you consider the ease by which someone else could have been shot, and how easily a non-fatal injury could have been inflicted on Oswald with no more chances to try it again, they were never going to rely on Jack Ruby to actually do it and get the job done right. Ruby was just a poor, hapless patsy. Jesus, did they abuse the hell out of him. They probably injected him with cancer cells too. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. As soon as he won a new trial, he was a dead man. They weren't going to go through that again and risk what could come out in court.

Look what happened to Dorothy Kilgallen. She interviewed Jack Ruby and then soon after died suspiciously, with her notes from that interview disappeared. 

What did she learn from Jack Ruby? Well, for one thing, she learned that he was nuts. For two, she learned how little he knew about this act that he supposedly committed. And I'll bet she learned more than that.  

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