Saturday, March 11, 2017

This is interesting. Roy Truly was practically in the doorway. This is from the Wiegman film. 

At least, the Prayermanites say it's him, although their track record at IDing people is far from good.  

But, if that's Roy Truly, then he was practically in the doorway himself. And he had to know exactly what was going on. So, when there was a commotion of some kind that caused Wiegman to do his 2nd pan (and the commotion can't be denied because why else would Wiegman have done that, swung around to capture the doorway a second time?) Truly had to be aware of it too. Roy Truly and Bill Shelley were closely tied at the TSBD. They're the ones who had adjoining offices on the first floor. Truly is the one who informed police that Oswald was a no-show at the "roll-call". Let's think about that. Truly saw Oswald on the 2nd floor shortly after the shooting in a place where he conceivably could have come down from a higher floor. So, why was Truly so quick to dismiss Oswald to Baker? IF HIS MIND WENT IMMEDIATELY TO SUSPECTING OSWALD OF SHOOTING KENNEDY JUST FROM HIM NOT BEING PRESENT AT A ROLL-CALL, WHY DIDN'T HE REGISTER ANY SUSPICION UPON SEEING OSWALD ON THE 2ND FLOOR? Why was he so dismissive of Oswald to Baker? And then just minutes later, he's telling police about this missing employee, Lee Harvey Oswald? 

It really doesn't make sense because if saw Oswald, and it didn't register any suspicion in him, why should he react so alarmed a few minutes later just because Oswald wasn't around? How could such a simple, mundane thing as that trigger such suspicion in Oswald?

Oswald was NOT the only one who took off. Charles Givens admitted that he left. So, why wasn't he a suspect?

But, let's think about it logically. If you knew the guy, and never had any reason to suspect that he was a violent person, why would his absence at a roll call trigger such an extreme suspicion? Wouldn't you likely think to yourself that there's probably an innocent reason why Oswald isn't here?

Apply it to your own job. Say the President was gunned down in front of your workplace. If some guy two computers down happened to be missing a little later, even though you did see him shortly after the shooting, at which time he looked as cool as a cucumber, would you start thinking: he must be the shooter? So, why did Truly start thinking that?  

I'll tell you why; it's because he was in on it. And why did he let Oswald go in the lunch room? It's because they, the conspirators, did not want to arrest Oswald at the TSBD. He wasn't armed at the TSBD, and they had no grounds to shoot him there. They needed to wait until he was armed before the arrest-confrontation could took place, which they hoped would end with him being shot and killed. 

But, a guy I don't suspect of having been involved in the conspiracy was Officer Marrion Baker. He was just a lowly motorcycle cop doing his job. I'm sure that he soon felt the pressure that other witnesses felt to say the desired things, but nobody tapped him the shoulder and said, " Psst. We're killing Kennedy today, and we need your help."

So, when Shelley sent Oswald up to the lunch room, what was he thinking? We don't know exactly what he told Oswald. We know that Baker saw Oswald walking through the lunch room. He never said that it looked like Oswald was walking to the Coke machine, that he was fiddling for change, etc. It looked to him like Oswald was walking through the room. There was another door at the other end of the room. Was Oswald going to exit that door? We know that he had an encounter with Mrs. Reid shortly after Truly and Baker left. So, was she sent there in the hope that she would have an encounter with Oswald?  

Here's something else to think about: when Oswald walked through that 2nd floor office area to get to the lunch room, he obviously didn't see anyone. So, did they deliberately take action to make sure the area was cleared of people? Obviously, it would have been very bad if someone had seen that Oswald had come up from the 1st floor using the southeast stairs. It would have completely exonerated him. So, was something done to make sure the path was clear of any unwelcome occupants? 

This is, supposedly, Truly and Baker interacting out in front. Is it real? I don't know. 

But, what I do know is that Oswald went to that lunch room where he was encountered by Baker and then Truly. He did NOT have a Coke at the time. He got his Coke after they left. And then, he was encountered by Mrs. Reid in the office. 

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