Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The issue has been raised about Marrion Baker's first statement to the Dallas Police which referenced the 3rd or 4th floor, not the 2nd.

What do I make of it? Not much. It's just another error. Note that Baker didn't type it. He signed it, but he didn't type it. Oswald confirmed that it was on the 2nd floor that he encountered the officer. It's in the Fritz Notes. Why would Oswald have lied about it? He was innocent, and he had no reason to lie about anything. Oswald certainly did not go to the 3rd of 4th floor. What for? And he did not remain in the doorway for several minutes after the shooting before going home. If he had, it would have been impossible deny his presence. Leastways, it would have been much more difficult because people would have turned around and come back inside, and he would have been seen- by many. Victoria Adams came out and said that she saw Jack Ruby barking orders and acting like a cop. If she was willing to admit seeing him, she would have admitted seeing Oswald too if he was there. So, Oswald definitely left the doorway, and he left it early. Then, several minutes later, either at 12:33 or 12:34, he returned to the entrance to begin his trek back home. What would have used up those few minutes if not the trek to the lunch room? No, as I look at it, there really is no alternative to the official story that he went to the lunch room where he encountered Truly and Baker. That first statement which got the floor wrong I regard as an anomaly, and I give it no weight or importance. I'm willing to dismiss it. 

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