Monday, March 13, 2017

I have provided evidence that there were Dallas policemen who were provoking Jack Ruby, manipulating him, talking up the idea of someone killing Oswald, and knowing full-well that he was unstable, volatile, and downright maniacal. 

And remember that the Dallas Police were refusing to let Oswald see a lawyer. Oswald had to appeal to the public about it, and repeatedly. Multiple times he issued a plea to the public for legal assistance. The idea that he was, at the same time, refusing it is preposterous. It's just another lie about the case.

Authorities needed Oswald dead- not just before he went to trial, but before he even spoke to a lawyer. And since it was the Dallas Police who were keeping him from seeing a lawyer, how long could they keep doing that? Don't you think that it would have been painfully obvious within another day or two that Oswald was being denied his constitutional right to an attorney?

So, that's why they absolutely needed Oswald dead. And they didn't just get lucky with Jack Ruby; they steered him to do it. 

But, would they actually have wanted Jack Ruby to be the one to pull the trigger? Think about it a minute. They were only going to get one shot at it. Literally: one shot. It's not as though they could do it again. How credible would it have been if TWICE Oswald got shot while in police custody? Once was bad enough, but twice? Who would believe that?    

So, that shot, that one shot, had to be absolutely fatal. Because: if Oswald survived, as long as he could still think and talk, he would have been a devastating witness in his defense. 

You've got to stop thinking that this was a simple matter, a simple thing that anyone could do, including Jack Ruby, to just rush up to Oswald and put a bullet in him, fatally, that nothing could go wrong, that he couldn't miss, that he couldn't hit anyone else instead, or in addition, or that he couldn't fail to do fatal damage. 

And who would want to be tethered to Oswald knowing that a maniac would be rushing him and shooting at him and from an angle in which he would be pointing the gun also at you? 

The truth is that this was PRECISION shot. The bullet that entered Oswald was absolutely devastating in its path of destruction. The only thing that would have been worse and brought more immediate death is if he was shot directly in the heart and or directly in the head. That's it. As far as abdominal trauma went, Oswald suffered the worst possible damage, severing both major blood vessels. Blood was spurting like a fountain inside of him.

So, did Ruby just get lucky? But, if you believe, as I do, that "they" were involved, that this wasn't just Jack Ruby trying to save Jackie Kennedy another trip to Dallas, then why would "they" trust Jack Ruby?

Recall that I make the same argument about Oswald to those who claim that he was assigned by the Mafia to kill Kennedy. Why would the Mafia appoint Oswald to be their presidential assassin? Based on what? Based on what experience? Based on what track record? They'd have to be out of their minds. 

Well, it was the same for Ruby. He wasn't a marksman. He wasn't an assassin. He had never done anything like this. Stop thinking that it was easy. It wasn't easy. And nobody would have trusted Ruby to do it. 

So, if you have any suspicion at all that others besides Ruby were involved, you need to revisit the idea that those others would recruit Ruby and actually trust him to fire the gun.

But, if you embrace my idea- that Ruby, like Oswald, was just a patsy and didn't shoot anyone- then it makes sense. One can easily imagine that they would seek to blame Ruby. They had to blame someone. But, to actually trust him to fire a loaded gun in that small, cramped, crowded place? As if nothing could go wrong? As if he couldn't miss? These people weren't that stupid. They weren't that reckless. And Jim Leavelle, in particular, would never have risked his life like that. As it was, he wore a cream-colored Easter suit two days after the President of United States and a fellow police officer were blown away. (I guess you can't mourn forever.) Don't you think he did that so that he would stand out distinctly next to Oswald? Oswald in black, and him in white? 

Alright, so Leavelle knew. But still, he wasn't going to just let that suit protect him. What I'm saying about Ruby also applies to Bookhout. He was no assassin either. He was mainly a lawyer for the FBI. I really think that what we saw take place in that garage was a hoax. That was just a dog and pony show for the camera. Oswald was shot afterwards, and it was done with all the precision needed.

Jack Ruby was just a patsy. You don't accept the official story of the JFK assassination. So, why do you accept the official story of the Oswald assassination? They were both orchestrated events. The same people were responsible for both.  


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