Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I apologize for putting up another song so soon, but while the Academy Awards are still fresh on people's minds, I wanted to put up my rendition of the song that won the Oscar for "Best Song." And that is, City of Stars, from La La Land, by Justin Hurwitz.
This is a magnificent song. It is the best song to win the Oscar for Best Song in many years. Most years, I am not moved by any of the nominated songs, and I don't care who wins. But, this song is right up there in the top echelon of past winners, and there have a lot of great Oscar-winning songs in years past.
The melody is beautiful; the transitions are classy; and the styling is very original. And the lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are downright eloquent, although I must admit that I bobbled them some in performing it.
But, these are all young guys, and this is such a great musical accomplishment, that I want to pay tribute to them, which I am doing by recording their song.
I'll tell you, it's not easy today to write songs that are really good. That's because there have been so many great songwriters and so many great songs written. There are only 13 notes on the piano. All the rest are octaves. How many ways do you think there are to string the notes together to create a pleasing sound? It's not unlimited. So, that why I think that, in this day and age, when somebody comes up with a brand new song that is really moving, really inspiring, that really tickles your eardrums, they deserve a lot of credit. I tip my hat to these young men for writing this magnificent song.

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