Monday, March 6, 2017

I am going to look at Lee Harvey Oswald's state of mind at the time of the JFK assassination and what the evidence objectively shows about it.

Obviously, for someone to be reading the newspaper on his lunch break at work and see that the President will be passing the building, and to decide from that to shoot the President, means that he is a highly disturbed, deranged, and crazed individual, as in totally unhinged. Does the evidence about Oswald support that?

Seeing a motorcade route in a newspaper doesn't drive anyone crazy. One would have to already be crazy to see the route and then become murderous from it. So, how crazy was Oswald?

He started that job 6 weeks before, and every last person at the TSBD said that he performed his job well, that he effectively learned what he had to do and did it well. There were no complaints about his work, the quality and reliability of his work. 

That is highly significant because a person who was on the verge of committing a monstrous act would probably have difficulty focusing and concentrating on mundane tasks, particularly the mundane tasks of others, such as an employer. He would be easily distracted. His mind and attention would wander. He would be lost in his own thoughts. He would make mistakes. He would be sloppy and careless. In the words of the vernacular: he wouldn't give a shit. But, there are no such reports of Oswald being that way. 

Oswald was reported to be a loner at work and not very friendly. He didn't show interest in others. He did not want to forge friendships. However, there is not one report of him being disrespectful, rude, irritated, abrasive, short-tempered, or anything like that. He was always in control. He was always civil and reserved. This suggests no potential whatsoever to commit a monstrous act.

Now let's consider Oswald's values, what mattered to him at that time in his life. It appears that his family is what mattered to him, and that it was all that mattered to him. He spent weekends with his family. He participated in the birth of his daughter Rachel. He didn't go to the hospital for the birth; rather, he watched June, presumably at the Paine house, at the request of Marina. He was pursuing obtaining his driver's license. And most of all what he wanted was to reunite his family under his own roof. He discussed this with Marina the night before the assassination, according to her. She, reportedly, told him that she wasn't ready yet to do that. She didn't say she never would, just that she wasn't ready. But, if that was on his mind that evening, how could killing Kennedy also be on his mind? 

We need to look closely at this. Is it possible that this was an either/or situation? That Oswald went there to ask Marina if she would move back in with him, and that if she said yes, he would be happy and not do anything monstrous, but if she said no, that he would proceed with killing Kennedy out of rage and bitterness?

No, the evidence does not support that. Marina never said that he got enraged in response to her refusal. She never said he acted bitter.  And they slept together that night-in the same bed. There are no reports that he hit her that night or threatened to hit her.

If Oswald was enraged enough to kill Kennedy then it would have manifested, to some extent, in his treatment of Marina after she rejected him. But, that didn't happen. And, I can tell you that John Armstrong agrees with me that all claims of Oswald ever having hit Marina are false. They are total lies. But, there aren't even any claims of it for that night. Even Ruth Paine, who always tried her best to portray Oswald in the worst possible light, was unable to say that he was in any way out of control or abusive that night.

So, what are we to conclude? That he was saving it all up for Kennedy? That is ridiculous.

And then we can look at his demeanor during his public statements at the Dallas PD after his arrest, which we can observe ourselves. At no time does he appear out of control, deranged, or even agitated. At one point he railed, "I emphatically deny these charges!" But, I'll tell you honestly that if that had been me in that situation, I'd have been more emphatic than he ever was. At no time in his public exhibitions did Oswald come across as "monster." 

So, what it comes down to is that there is zero evidence that Oswald was in such a deranged state of mind that he was capable of seeing a motorcade route in a newspaper and being triggered to commit a heinously monstrous act. Zero evidence. 

And let me tell you what I mean by zero evidence. I mean that in analyzing it, mental health professionals- psychiatrists- would have no grounds to defend the idea that Oswald was capable of doing such a thing based on his state of mind at the time.  

And if you are tempted to cite the Walker shooting attempt from 9 months before, you can't. In America, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Oswald was never convicted of that. And you can't tell me that the case that the Warren Commission built against him for that would have held up in a court of law and won a conviction. Their entire case was based on getting Marina Oswald to say the things they wanted her to say. But, she contradicted herself because it was after that alleged shooting attempt by Oswald that she went down to New Orleans to live with him. And she brought her daughter down to live with him. If she knew that he had tried to kill a man, and he was hundreds of miles away in New Orleans, wouldn't that have been a good time to get away from him for good? And, it was after the alleged Walker shooting attempt that Marina wrote glowing letters to her aunt and uncle in Russia about her happy life in America with "Alec." And then there was an incident reported by none other than Ruth Paine in which Oswald called from New Orleans to inform Marina that he had found a job and gotten an apartment, and Marina was elated, exclaiming to June in Russian that "Papa loves us!" Who would do that if Papa was a homicidal lunatic who had tried to kill a man? Why didn't Marina tell a single person about it at the time? She had her friends in the White Russian community. She had the DeMohrenschilds. George took her to get her teeth fixed at Baylor, so why didn't she tell him then? And why didn't she tell Ruth Paine? She complained to Ruth about Lee not having as much sexual desire for her as she wished, so why not complain to him about him trying to kill a man? Actions speak louder than words, and Marina's actions prove that the things she said in 1964 about Oswald having tried to shoot Walker were lies. 

And Marina got caught in the web of her own lies. She tried to say that Oswald also sought to shoot Nixon in April in Dallas, and she locked him in the bathroom to prevent him from doing it. When informed that you can't lock a bathroom door from the outside, she changed it to her forcibly holding the door shut with her hands such that he couldn't open it from the inside, that she locked the door with her brute strength. That this 5'2" 100 pound woman prevailed in strength against her husband, that in a tug of war at the door, she won, and he lost, is hard to believe. 

There isn't one iota of evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was in a deranged state of mind, such that upon seeing a motorcade route in a newspaper, that he could have been triggered to commit a barbaric and monstrous act that, success or failure, would have resulted in the certain and complete unraveling and derailing of his own life, his own goals, his own desires. There was no monster within. There is no evidence that he had a monster dwelling inside of him. The official story of the JFK assassination is, in a word, preposterous. 


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