Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I wonder if Jack Ruby ever watched the footage of himself shooting Oswald, supposedly. I would think that when he was sober that he had the ability to recognize himself. 

And did he ever see the Jackson photo?

I should think that he would have noticed that that is not him in it. It's not how his hair was in back nor on his neck.

 As you can see, he had considerable scruffiness which the Garage Shooter didn't have. And his hair in back wasn't as long and full as we see on the Garage Shooter. 
They're obviously very different. But, this goes beyond that. I should think that, INTUITIVELY, Ruby would have recognized instantly that this wasn't him. Haven't you always been able to recognize yourself in a photo? 

And the other thing is that seeing this would probably have jogged Ruby's memory that he had no memory of this. As it was, Ruby had no memory of the actual shooting. When repeatedly asked, he just said that he went to the garage and Oswald was brought out and then the police pushed him to the ground. Never once did Ruby ever say, "I took out my gun, rushed him, pointed it at his ribcage, and pulled the trigger." 

So, would seeing it, say, in the KRLD footage, have jogged his memory? I doubt it. In fact, I guarantee it. For one thing, the Jackson photo doesn't show the actual shooting. Oswald was shot in the side from the side. In the Jackson photo, "Ruby" is in front of Oswald shooting directly at his abdomen. So, how could Ruby have a memory of doing something that wasn't even done? 

Here's a clip of it. Watch it again, even though I know you've seen it before. I want you to notice how muted the whole response is. How unusual was it? It was shockingly unusual. It was so unusual that most people go their whole lives without ever experiencing such a thing. And that's true of probably over 99% of people, that they go their whole lives, from cradle to grave, without ever experiencing such a thing. So, how come nobody acted shocked? 

Nobody acted shocked. There wasn't a single gasp or scream or shout or startle of any kind by anybody. There was no look of shock on anyone's face. Nobody jumped. Nobody darted. You had the Penguins doing there thing, covering up "Ruby," and then dancing him into the building, but that's it. 

Just imagine if say, you were at the mall, and somebody went up and shot somebody. Imagine the reaction there would be among the crowd. Imagine what you would hear. And even if you want to say that this involved a lot of cops (tough guys) there were also a lot of reporters and cameramen. They're not so tough. Are they? But, nobody acted out. Nobody acted or sounded appropriately shocked and startled. 

I tell you, I'm just not buying it. I think it was all planned. I think it was all staged. Jack Ruby wasn't even there. The guy playing Jack Ruby was James Bookhout. And he shot a blank. This whole thing was theater. Oswald was shot afterwards, and I suspect it was inside that jail office. 

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