Friday, March 17, 2017

No, Backes. You're wrong again. Both Oswald and Lovelady were standing at the front edge of the landing. And I know that better than anyone. I was there on a brightly sunny day in November, and I know how bright that Texas sun is, even then. Don't you remember how you criticized me for having a picture taken where my face was partly in the shade? That happened because there's an overhang there, and if you step back from the edge even a little bit it starts shading you. In fact, you don't have to step too far back until you are completely in the shade. But, Doorman's face is completely illuminated. So, he was standing at the edge. And Lovelady (Black Hole Man), though his face is completely shaded to the point of blackness, we know that's phony because nothing could produce shade like that. But, what's he doing? He is visoring his eyes with both hands. That tells you that light was streaming into his eyes at the time. Or else, why would he visor?

So, I very much am saying that they were both standing close to the front edge of that top landing, and therefore, they were in the same plane. If Lovelady was standing back, he would have had no need to visor.

So, you're wrong, Backes. Once again, as usual, you are wrong. And the Idiot is YOU. 

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