Friday, March 17, 2017

So, why did they try to say that Oswald in the doorway was Billy Lovelady? Was it planned in advance that that's what they would do if Oswald stepped outside during the shooting and got photographed? I doubt it. The reason they decided to make Oswald Lovelady was because Lovelady was standing right there next to him.

Oswald and Lovelady didn't really look alike, but the alterers could see that they were about the same height and about the same age. They couldn't say Doorman was just anybody because that anybody was surely somebody who was somewhere else. Using Lovelady made sense because he was there anyway. You want to keep your lies to a minimum, right? If they picked anyone else, they would have had to lie about where he was. With Lovelady, they didn't have to lie about that. Like Oswald, he was in the doorway. That's why they went with him.

But, look at all they had to do. They had to change his face, which they did by moving over the top of Lovelady's head. But not from the Altgens photo, which was useless because of the visoring Lovelady was doing. So, they used the photo of him from the 1950s, which they must have had. Why did they have it? They must have had plans for Lovelady independent of this. This just came up.

And then they had to cover up the unique features and construction of Oswald's shirt. Why didn't they just blacken Doorman out of the photo completely? For one thing, there was the risk that he was captured in other pictures and films. But, understand that these were very arrogant people. They were high on their ability to deceive people with their handiwork. I'm sure they were over-confident. I doubt they thought there was any chance that 53 years hence people would be talking about it. 

Look, if they knew what was going to happen- what has happened- and they could do it all over, they would probably just destroy the Altgens photo- the whole damn thing. Sure, it was nice to have this photo in which JFK was reacting to being shot, and the TSBD was looming in the background, and Secret Service agents were looking right at it, "the source of the shots." But, if they didn't have it, it would not have hurt anything. It's not as though the official story depended on it. It has done them far more harm than it has good. The good has evaporated. All that's left for them is the bad. And it's not going away. Ever. 

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