Thursday, March 2, 2017

Here is something interesting from the Wizard concerning the origin of Jack Ruby's nickname, "Sparky." 


I spoke once before about the Garage Shooter's calm dynamism, in contrast to Ruby's slightly shambolic persona. In his later years Jack kept himself in reasonably good condition. However, his 'Sparky' nickname, attributed by some, including his brother, to his temper, seems to have had an earlier origin. According to Jack's sister, Eva, he acquired the nickname because he 'resembled a slow-moving horse named "Spark Plug" or "Sparky" in a contemporary comic strip' (see photo and link). The creature in question constantly exhibited great sloth and tended to come last in his races, much to the distress of his owner. In the clip below, the horse's owner attempts to give Sparky castor oil in order to boost his performance but, in a surprising turn of events, ends up somehow ingesting the castor oil himself, no doubt to the general amusement of the cartoon drama's juvenile audience.

RC: With that in mind, I observe that after supposedly putting up a fight that required a dozen men to contain, that once inside the police station, "Sparky" became the most docile prisoner there ever was. Was this guy fighting tooth and nail just a couple minutes before? You'd have to be awfully stupid to believe that. 

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