Wednesday, March 8, 2017

If you do a search on Google images for "James Bookhout JFK" what you get is all my, or I should say our, stuff, since I have people helping me, such as the Wizard. Take a look:

That is very pleasing to see, but really, it's not surprising because THERE ARE NO IMAGES OF JAMES BOOKHOUT FROM THE JFK ASSASSINATION EXCEPT THE ONES WE FOUND.

I don't know what Google Images would have done with that search term before we came along. Probably, they would have divided it and found other applications of Jim and JFK and left out Bookhout. Briefly, the Prayermanites had erroneously pegged Detective Charles Dhority as Bookhout, and likewise, Linda Zambanini had erroneously pegged Detective TL Baker as Bookhout. But those, I believe, have been corrected. 

In case you are wondering, there is absolutely no doubt about this. There is no way that Jack Ruby was the garage shooter- and we knew that long before discovering that Bookhout was. There is also no way that Ruby was the man featured in the Fred Rheinstein retrospective. 

Not everyone has studied Anatomy, but if you did, you would know that those are two different-shaped heads and faces. But, keep in mind, that they went with Bookhout because they thought he looked enough like Ruby to fool people, and also keep in mind that the image on the right is an altered image where they did things to conceal his true identity, such as blackening out his eyes, and they may have done things to try to nudge him towards looking like Ruby, for instance, doctoring his hairline, which would have been easy enough to do. But despite that, we can still state, with certainty, that he wasn't Ruby. 

I have been looking again at Oswald's arrival as shown in the David Wolper movie Four Days in November. It starts with them getting out of the elevator, with a big cop holding on to Oswald. We should know that cop's name. Notice that he looks relatively young.

Then, without saying anything, it breaks from this. It goes to a time that Oswald's shirt was on properly and not hanging off of him. So, you know it was a different time. It's spliced together to deceive, and it helps having the hypnotic voice of the announcer. But, this cop is out of it; rather it's a time when Boyd and Sims were leading Oswald around. That didn't start until after the first interrogation.

Now, the quality of the film got very poor here Also, they sped it up, which I tried to undo by using Google Chrome and putting it at 1/4 speed. But, I'm thinking that James Bookhout was back there somewhere, and they were probably trying to obscure him.  

So, that is Boyd leading Oswald into an office, and it must have been the Homicide Bureau, and Sims is behind Oswald, although he's cropped out here. This was definitely NOT the time of Oswald's first arrival at the PD, even though it appears in conjunction with it in the film. The question is: why did they do this? There were cameras on Oswald the whole time of his arrival, so why not show the actual, intact footage? Why splice this disparate monstrosity together? Why did they do it? 

Then, it shifts to inside the office, and it's still with Boyd. So, are they ever going to return to that original cop in uniform who was leading Oswald in?

So, that is inside the Homicide Bureau, but it can't be 2:00 on Friday afternoon, even though they are implying that it is. Boyd and Sims didn't start leading Oswald until after the first interrogation was over when they took him to the first lineup, which was at 4:00. So, this was definitely a different time. 

Next, it jumps back to Oswald being led by a cop in a white hat. Is it the same cop in a white hat as before? I don't know. Maybe so, and maybe not.  But, even if it is, why did they ever break away from him? 

Now, what I want to know is: who is this guy in the fedora hat?

He's relatively short; he's relatively stocky; he's wearing the fedora hat. Could he be James Bookhout? It's just a speculation, and it doesn't matter if he's not. Still, I need to look into it. 

Next, it jumps to the squad room scene with Lovelady supposedly seated at the desk (which is fake) and the ridiculous huge clock on a coat rack displaying 2:00.

Don't you think they were trying a little too hard to convey that it was 2:00? Now, they faked that clock. You hear me? Police stations did not, and do not, have clocks on coat racks. And look at Oswald. He's got a shirt on that goes halfway up his neck. But, that's not how it was before when he was walking in.

Do you, or do you not, see that his t-shirt is pulled way far down in back, and it's all stretched, if not torn?

So, how could it be like this less than a minute later in the squad room?

What the hell is that? It appears to be a tight collar around Oswald's neck, but there was no such collar. Not at any time was there ever such a collar. So, are we supposed to believe that that is just his skin? Then why is it so white? And why is there such a demarcated line between his skin above and the white below? What the hell is going on with this? What did they do to this image?

Finally, they put Oswald into a small interrogation room alone- and closed the door. I don't know why they did that because it is well known that Oswald's interrogations took place in Fritz' office, not in any small interrogation room. All of the interrogations took place in Fritz' office. Every single one. 

And now the shirt looks different yet again, as if it had a collar flap in front, like a sport shirt. I don't know why it looks like that. And notice that now his outer shirt has been restored:

Do you, or do you not, see that he's got that outer shirt on over both arms and shoulders? But, that's impossible. The only way that could have been rearranged is if someone removed his handcuffs. But, his handcuffs weren't removed until the first interrogation at which time Oswald complained about the handcuffs being painful or uncomfortable, and Fritz gave the order to apply them with his hands in front. So, when was the above image taken? It was obviously not continuous with what we were seeing before, even though it appears to be. The "story" is that they are continuous, in reality, they just butted these disparate clips together. 

People, this whole thing is just a hodge-podge of disparate clips that were spliced together and made to look like one continuous story. It is so manipulative that, really, it bleeds. It bleeds the blood of John Kennedy, Lee Oswald, and countless others. It's all just one big bloodied murderous lie. How could evil such as this be done in the United States of America by the leaders of the United States of America? 

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