Sunday, March 19, 2017

Let's look closely at this image of the 6th floor. You can ignore the lines and markings. That's something that John Armstrong is working on, which we are discussing, but it's not ready for prime time. 

How could there be a stack of boxes 7 high? Why would anyone do that? There are multiple reasons why nobody would. It's dangerous. It's damaging to the books on the bottom. And it's totally impractical. What if you needed to get to the box that's on the bottom? You'd have to remove 6 boxes to get to it. 

And how could they do it? Wouldn't they need a ladder? There were no ladders there that we know of. How could they get it so even like that? They must have done that for the picture, don't you think?

Notice how in this case you get the definite sense that the bottom box is bearing a heavy load. How about here?

And look on the left how they stacked the boxes sideways.

They've got those boxes stacked on their sides. First, boxes have got a top and a bottom, and they're designed to be put down on its bottom surface. Plus, the boxes are filled so that the books are flat inside. When you stack the boxes sideways, you are stacking the books on their edges. Why would anyone do this? It seems intuitive to place a box down on its bottom surface. I would. Wouldn't you?

In the Sniper's Nest, some of the boxes are stacked vertically.

 Who would do that? When you stack boxes, you're not trying to make them as high as possible. You'd prefer that the stack be as low as possible. So, who would do it that way? Oswald? OSWALD?When could Oswald have possibly had the time to do that? We are told that the boxes weighed on average 55 pounds. You think he lifted all those boxes to set that up? When? The 6th floor was occupied with workers all morning. They were building the floor. Remember? So, you think he did it during the lunch break? You think he had time to retrieve his rifle, assemble it using a dime for a screwdriver, then move all those boxes in position? But wait. Bonnie Ray Williams was on the 6th floor eating his chicken on the bone, Fritos, and Dr. Pepper. And he remained there until Jarman and Norman arrived on the 5th floor. How does that possibly leave enough time for Oswald to do all that? There is no time window that Oswald could have done it. This, by itself, proves that he was innocent. 

People, this is evil. That anybody, in this day and age, thinks that Oswald did this is just plain evil. Stupid and evil. This wickedness has got to stop. It has lasted too long as it is. We need to throw it off. America needs to throw it off. 

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