Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dear Pete and Bernard,

I am informing you both that I received an auto-generated response from Dealey Plaza UK thanking me for contacting them and saying that they will respond shortly. Except that I never sent them anything. See the attachment.

So, I suspect that one of my longtime enemies, such as Pink O'Blazney, sent it out using the Czech remailer, which they love so much. And it made it look like it came from me. They have done this repeatedly. They have even had me threatening people with physical violence, and one guy Jerry Dealey got awfully close to calling the police. Fortunately, once I informed him that I didn't send it and had nothing to do with it, he believed me. 

It would help me if they sent me the correspondence because it's likely that I'll recognize the style, and that may give me a clear idea of who sent it.

So, wherever that went in the organization, please let them know that I didn't send it. I can't reply to the notice I received because it's a no-reply notice. I thank you both.


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