Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let's look at the two men who supposedly encountered Oswald after the assassination. 

One of them was a young reporter named Pierce Allman. This was him in 2013.

“There was a guy standing in the doorway,” remembered Allman, “and I said, ‘Where's the phone?’ And he jerked his thumb and said, ‘In there!' And I said, ‘Thank you.’” 

Reportedly, Allman didn't realize that he crossed paths with Lee Harvey Oswald until 3 weeks later when he was visited by the Secret Service. But, why is that? If he brushed by Oswald and exchanged words with him, why didn't he recognize Oswald later that day after his arrest? "Hey! That's the guy I ran into." Why didn't that happen? It seems like it should have.

“They said, ‘Are you familiar with the testimony of Lee Oswald after his arrest?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And they said, ‘He states as he was leaving the Depository building, a young man with a crew cut rushed up, identified himself as a newsman, and asked where a phone was. So this was very obviously you.’”
Did it come as a shock when Allman realized that the guy he asked for directions was the one who shot the President?
“It did,” said Allman. “He didn't appear stressed in any way.”
But wait. Did Oswald really say that the man identified himself as a newsman? Why would the man do that? Why wouldn't he just ask, "Where's the phone?" Why say, "I'm a newsman. Where's the phone?" And notice that in Allman's account, he just said that he asked him where the phone was; he said nothing about first identifying himself as a newsman. 

"I will never forget that first look," said Pierce Allman.

Well, if you would never forget it, then why didn't you recognize Oswald later when you saw him at the P.D. or when you saw him on television? 

“There were three guys in the fifth floor window,” he said. “And they were literally hanging out of the window and looking up and pointing up.

What?????????  The three guys on the 5th floor were Jarman, Norman, and Williams. But, if they were hanging out the window and looking up and pointing up (presumably to show where the shots came from) others would have reported seeing it, and they would have reported doing it. Allman is the only one who ever said that. And he didn't always say it. In this interview, he said nothing about seeing 3 men on the 5th floor who were demonstrating; instead, he just recalled seeing a rifle on the 6th floor.

And notice that in that interview he recalled what he said to Oswald, which included no identification of himself as a newsman, and then he recalled what he was told by the SS that Oswald said the man identified himself as a newsman. So, why didn't he tell the SS: "But, I didn't tell him I was a newsman. I simply asked him where the phone was."

And even then, 50 years later, he said that he "evidently" had an encounter with JFK's killer. Evidently? EVIDENTLY? Meaning what? That the Secret Service said I did, so I must have? 

Unfortunately, the situation is no better for Canadian Robert MacNeil. 

He never gave any thought to having seen Oswald until 18 months after the assassination when William Manchester contacted him to tell him that he must have been the guy Oswald encountered. MacNeil admitted seeing Oswald in person at the PD later that day but did not recognize him as the man he encountered.

“As I ran up the steps, this young guy in shirt sleeves came out. I said, ‘where is there a phone?’ He said, ‘you better ask inside,” MacNeil said. “I didn’t register his face because I was obsessed with finding a phone. . . . Much later, it occurred to me that I was going in just about the time Oswald had been going out.”
"Historian William Manchester later reported that Oswald recalled speaking to a man who matched MacNeil’s description about a phone. Manchester relayed this to MacNeil, saying the assassin had mistaken the journalist for a Secret Service man."
But, even when pressed, MacNeil could not place Oswald at the scene. He could not recall the face of the man he saw. He couldn't recall anything about him except that he was in shirt sleeves. 
These are baffling incongruities, and I think they are just as baffling as Mrs. Reid recalling Oswald wearing just a t-shirt. Maybe more baffling.  

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