Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I have been thinking about the mechanics of how they accomplished the incident with Ruby that preceded the televised spectacle with Bookhout. First, we should note that when Ruby got to the "bottom of the ramp" as he called it, he didn't recognize anyone. Whatever Dallas cops were there at that time, he didn't recognize any of them. The only person he identified by name was Officer Rio "Sam" Pierce, and he was driving out as Ruby walked in. No one else. 

We know that the newsmen and photographers were held in the 3rd floor press room for quite a while before they were led downstairs to occupy the garage. Robert Jackson said that in his memoir. We know that even though the transfer was scheduled for 10, that it didn't happen until 11:21. At least, we are told that is when it happened, and that is definitely when it was shown on television, although I think we should be open to the possibility that it really wasn't shown live. 

So, the reporters and journalists that we know of, including Robert Jackson, were being held in that press room on the 3rd floor. And we can presume that they were kept there until the ordeal was finished with the real Jack Ruby, with whomever was in the garage at that time. Remember, Ruby said there was nobody there that he knew. That was deliberate. So, they did the thing with him, pushing him down to the ground. telling him that he shot Oswald. Was the real Oswald involved with that? Not necessarily. When you think about all the times that Oswald-doubles were employed, why couldn't they have employed one here for this? And especially for Jack Ruby, because as I keep telling you, he was out of his mind. So, they get him in custody and immediately take him up to the 5th floor jail. And according to the official record, he was held there for at least a couple hours, talking to various people, including cops and Secret Service agents. And while that was going on, while Ruby was on the 5th floor, the spectacle with Bookhout took place in the garage. And after the spectacle with Bookhout, and while Boohout was being skirted away to resume his normal identity, Ruby was brought down stairs briefly just to parade him around and slip him into the current scene. This was the bait and switch.

 Now, listen to me very carefully: According to the official story, "Ruby" was dragged into the police office and pushed down to the ground in there, and then handcuffs were put on him. But, as you can see on the left, "Ruby" was wearing a jacket. So, how can that image on the right of Ruby being handcuffed in just a shirt be valid? He was handcuffed immediately, meaning, with his jacket on. And once you are handcuffed, you can't remove your jacket unless your handcuffs are first taken off. How can you possibly take your arms out of the sleeves if your hands are shackled together? You can't. So, that means that the image on the right of Ruby handcuffed in just a shirt and no jacket, had to be a second handcuffing. And yet, it was just a couple minutes after the televised shooting. It doesn't add up. It doesn't compute. The guy on the left was not the guy on the right. The image on the right is the first photographic image of the real Jack Ruby on 11/24/63. That's when they slipped him into the story, from which point, he took over for Bookhout. Bookhout, at this point, is being skirted away, soon to be released to where he can resume being James Bookhout. But, the baffling incongruity about the handcuffs, in which it seems that Ruby's jacket just vanished, it is the smoking gun that this whole thing was a ruse. Jack Ruby was NOT the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald.   

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