Saturday, March 18, 2017

You have to be a complete idiot to believe that Jack Ruby just slipped on by the guards at the ramp entrance on Main Street. After all that security they enacted, he just waltzed on in, did he?  

Look: Ruby got in because they wanted him to get in. It is impossible that Dallas Police failed at something a Walmart greeter could easily have done. And what does that imply? It implies that Dallas Police knew what was going to happen, that the whole thing was their operation. 

I don't know exactly what happened when the real Jack Ruby was arrested. Did he ever draw his gun? He had no memory of it. He never recalled it. He didn't dispute that he did, but he never recalled it, and there's a difference. He had no actual memory of it. It wasn't something that he could see and relive in his mind. And no gun was actually fired because the sound of the blast would have been heard, even on the street. I just don't know if his gun ever came out. But, we do know that Dallas Police were manipulating Ruby, saying things, like "somebody should do the world a favor and put a bullet in that guy." They knew he was off his rocker. Jack Ruby was bonkers. But, since Ruby never recalled drawing his gun, I don't assume that he did.   

And considering that he was willing to take responsibility and suffer the consequences for the action, it is foolish to think that he would not have admitted it if he could remember doing it.  

So, think about it: they let Ruby into that garage. Don't even talk to me if you can't admit that. So, they let Ruby into the garage, and then what? They just got lucky? He just spontaneously decided to shoot Oswald? Shut up. Get out of here. You know very well that if they let Ruby in, then they were behind the whole thing. And they definitely let Ruby in. 

Ruby was just patsy#2. Oswald was #1, and he was #2. The same people who killed Kennedy killed Oswald, and from the beginning and all along, it was the plan to kill Oswald. He wasn't supposed to live even as long as he did. 

This is the guy who took the shot in the garage, and there is simply no doubt about it.

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