Friday, March 10, 2017

I have the Dallas Morning News from November 23, 1963, the morning after the assassination.

It doesn't have the Altgens6 photo on the front page. And if you are wondering whether it was published on another page: it wasn't. Inside it has both the Altgens5 (on Houston Street) and the Altgens7 (Clint Hill riding) but not the Altgens6. They skipped the Altgens6. They thought it was better to show a guy that nobody knew riding on the back of a limousine rather than a picture of Kennedy reacting to being shot- in the midst of being shot. That was their editorial decision. 

And the irony of it all is that the place to which James Altgens rushed to, on foot, was the offices of the Dallas Morning News. That's where his film was developed. So, the DMN had it before anyone else. They didn't have to wait for a photo-fax to arrive; they already had it. And yet, they didn't publish it. 

So, why didn't they publish it? It's because Oswald was in the doorway, and they knew it. They knew the photo was altered. They were probably in on it. We assume that surgery on the Altgens6 photo took place at Jaggars/Childs/Stovall, where Oswald used to work. But, could it have happened at the Dallas Morning News? Is that where the CIA sent it's dream team of photo alterers? Who knows, but it's possible. But, if it was JCS, then it had to go from DMN to JCS, which wasn't far. 

But, they weren't going to publish the Altgens6 in Dallas because it was far more likely that Dallas-ites would know and recognize Lee Harvey Oswald. Didn't employees of the TSBD read the newspaper? They must have because they had it right there for employees to read, and Oswald was one such employee who did. 

The omission of the Altgens6 photo from the Dallas Morning News is a smoking gun that they knew very well that Oswald was standing in the doorway and would be recognized.  

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