Friday, March 31, 2017

I think JFK acts drugged during the shooting. He seems to be mentally out of it. Doped up. Consider:

When he emerges from behind the freeway sign in the Zapruder film, he, at that point, was shot twice: in the back at the level of T3 a little to the right of the spine, and in the throat below the Adam's apple. 

Now, I am not giving any consideration to the ridiculous Single Bullet Theory. If Kennedy had had a bullet coursing all the way through his neck from back to front, traversing him, making a tunnel all the way through his neck, that would have been catastrophic. He would not have been able to continue sitting up. He would have collapsed. You can't keep sitting up straight with such a trauma. We're not talking about a bullet going through your hand. We're talking about a bullet going through your neck, where the spinal cord is.  It would have been a devastating, life-threatening, and incapacitating trauma. It didn't happen. 

Kennedy's brain wasn't violated at that point. So, he should have been able to think straight. And, Kennedy was a military man. He had fought in naval battles. He knew what it was like to be under fire. And he was very intelligent and quick-witted. 

So, if he had his wits about him, knowing that he was being shot at in a convertible, why wouldn't he duck down? Why wouldn't he get his wife to duck down? Why wouldn't he tell the driver to floor it? But, he didn't do any of those things. He just sat there like a sitting duck. And then, he also seemed to be in spasm.

He looks very spasmodic there. Why is Jackie holding his arm like that? It's like she's trying to get him to relax.

Here, he is even worse. He is really in spasm. He is just contracting hard.

And that of course is right before the fatal head shot, and he is still deeply contracted, hunched, in spasm. What caused his muscles to spasm up like that? Don't tell me that it was just the trauma and shock of it all because Connally was shot too, and he didn't go into spasm. 

He's not paralyzed. You could say that that is the opposite of being paralyzed. When you are paralyzed, your muscles go flaccid. There is no electrical current going to them. The neurological connections are cut. But, here the neurological connections are intact and working: in overdrive. So, it isn't paralysis, but it is a form of immobilization; the immobilization that comes from being extremely tight and stiff.

But, others have referred to it as paralysis, but meaning, I presume, what I'm saying, that it was immobilizing. And that brings us to Steve Kober who wrote a wonderful piece for the Education Forum on whether Kennedy may have been hit with a "paralyzing ice bullet." And you'll notice that the late great Jack White responded favorably to it. And Cliff Varnell pointed out that the doctors on the night of the autopsy suggested that "blood soluble rounds" were used and that the back bullet may have been made of ice. He cites FBI Agent Francis ONeill's HSCA testimony.


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