Saturday, March 18, 2017

OFF TOPIC: I just learned that President Trump wants to cut all federal funding to PBS. Although PBS has been totally useless regarding assassinations and strictly a mouthpiece for officialdom, in other areas, they have done some fine work. They broadcast much of the best music featured on television, and all kinds of music, but always of high caliber. They have wonderful Nature programs, like the ones with David Attenborough (who is now 90). And they have some great History programs, so long as it doesn't involve things like JFK assassination and 9/11. For instance, The Civil War by Ken Burns is what turned me into a Civil War buff. In case you don't know, it made use of real photography from the Civil War, of which there was plenty, and they had actors speaking for the historical figures while showing a photo of that person who was speaking. The result was that it felt like they took you back, like you were experiencing it live. It really was a magnificent accomplishment, and I have the whole set. There is a heck of a lot of waste in government, I know, but is it really necessary to pull the plug on PBS? There is a petition going around which will be sent to Congress asking them to reverse Trump's action, which they apparently can do. I signed it, and I hope you do. 

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