Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another thing to consider is that only be standing forward could one get a broad view of the parade. Standing 3 or 4 feet back would have reduced visibility tremendously. It would limit your view to just what you could see out the opening of the tunnel or cave that that entrance was. The whole idea was to SEE as much as possible. And look at Lovelady. Look how he has his arms. He has his right arm pitched higher than his left. That was to increase visibility to that side, his ride side. And that's because that's the direction that Kennedys was. But, if he were 3 or 4 feet back, it would be pointless to do that. And why would he be visoring his eyes if he was in the dark shade? And look how thoroughly illuminated he was- except for his blackened out face, which was something done to him. So, he was definitely standing in the sun, which means forward- as far as that landing would allow.  

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