Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remember that there were two runs between floors. You can think of it like a spiral staircase except that instead of being spiral, it was zig-zag. So, you climbed a run; you got to a landing; you changed direction; then you climbed the second run. If in his mind, Baker remembered each run as a floor, it would have meant going from floor 1 to floor 3. But, the bottom line question is: was Baker involved in any malfeasance? I don't think so. He was just an ordinary motorcycle cop. Whether any thought was put into assigning him to what he was doing, I don't know, but regardless, there's no reason to think he knew anything. He didn't even refer to Truly by name. He just said he was the building superintendent. And Truly referred to him as the officer. They didn't know each other. So, the idea that they would have schemed to commit perjury together is ridiculous. I do think that Truly was in on it, but not Baker. Baker was a straight shooter. And it means a lot that he acknowledged years later that the man in the doorway "resembled" Oswald. 

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