Wednesday, March 15, 2017

John Armstrong and I have been brainstorming the fact that the electricity was turned off to the TSBD during the shooting, which is why the elevators didn't work when Baker and Truly reached them. John is trying to determine who turned off the power, and he asked me if I think it's possible that Billy Lovelady did. Here is how I responded:

Yes, John, Harvey could not have known that Shelley was in the doorway unless he was there himself. (John had written to me: "And I agree that Harvey was also on the front steps." One wise guy suggested that Oswald went to the entrance and saw Shelley through the glass, since the whole entrance was transparent glass, and then raced up to the 6th floor in time to shoot Kennedy, but that is ridiculous. Once they admit that Oswald was downstairs that late in the game, they can't possibly get him up to the 6th floor in time. And there is no reason to think he had any such inclination. 

But no, I do NOT think Lovelady is the one who turned the electricity off. Somebody did, but not him. We know a lot about Lovelady, John. We know he was an escaped felon who was wanted by the state of Maryland for fleeing their jurisdiction without paying a fine from his conviction for having stolen weapons from the Air Force. And he was caught in January 1963, and they were going to extradite him back to Maryland. But, his boss at the TSBD, Vice President Ochus Campbell, also known as O.V. Campbell, paid his fine for him and saved him. 

But, it was no act of charity. We are convinced that Lovelady was an alternate patsy. There was no guarantee that they were going to succeed at pinning it on Oswald. What if he just barreled his way outside? If he was outside, on the street, during the shooting, how could they say he was up on the 6th floor? You have to realize that the reason why Bill Shelley stayed in the doorway was precisely to block Oswald from going any further than the entrance. And then, it was Shelley who, undoubtedly, ordered Oswald to go to the lunch room.

So, Bill Shelley, who was Army Intelligence during WW2 and then signed up with the CIA at its commencement in 1947, was definitely in on it. John, the fact is that the TSBD, was a CIA front company. The book distributing was just window dressing. And why would a guy who was Army Intelligence and CIA want to devote his life to distributing DIck and Jane readers? It was just a front. They were doing espionage. They were doing infiltrations, like of the GI Forum, to see if there Communists involved. They apparently were involved in gun-running. Larry Rivera found images of huge metal crates which obviously did not contain books. And obviously, they were also involved in killing Kennedy. They moved from the Dal-Tex Building to the 411 Elm Building the summer of '63 just for the assassination. 

As for who turned off the electricity, it definitely wasn't Lovelady. He was a victim in all this. He wasn't in on anything until afterwards until they told him that he better start claiming to be Doorman- or else. And he didn't start doing that until May 1964.

And it wasn't Shelley either because Shelley would never have left the entrance unguarded- not with Oswald standing there. Shelley was like the linebacker. He was there to block Oswald from venturing out. 

So, it had to be someone else. It might have been Roy Truly. He and Shelley were thick as thieves. Both of them were definitely in on it. Ralph    

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