Thursday, March 2, 2017 
8:18 PM (1 hour ago)
If the Paines were out to "get" Oswald they could have hung him out to
dry. Could have said they saw him leave with the large package the morning
of the assassination, Ruth could have said she saw him wrapping the rifle
up that night before and that he told her he was getting rid of it,
Michael could have said he expressed hatred towards JFK, that he saw the
rifle in the garage but thought it was none of his business, and on and

John McAdams 
8:22 PM (1 hour ago)
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That's an excellent point.

(Definition of "excellent point:"  Something I have not already
thought of.)

Ralph Cinque:

But, it would have been a lie because she didn't see him leave with a large package, and she didn't see him wrapping the rifle the night before. And, it's always a dangerous thing to lie because something may surface that exposes the lie, and then you're in trouble. So, it's not surprising at all that she didn't say those things. They were out to get Oswald alright- to make him look as bad as possible- but without incriminating themselves. And, Michael Paine DID claim to see the rifle in the garage, just without knowing that it was a rifle. Because: if he did know it was a rifle, how could he do nothing when his children lived in that house and played in that garage? They painted blocks in there and whatnot. And how could he not mention it to his wife, "Are you aware that there is a rifle in the garage?" He knew she was a Quaker and was sternly unwilling to have firearms in her house, so how could he not tell her? 

Yet, you, John, thought it was an excellent point. You, a professor, someone who supposedly guides and nurtures developing young minds in how to think, thought it was an excellent point.  

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