Friday, March 10, 2017

Did Oswald really go to the lunch room and be encountered there by Baker and Truly? Yes, he sure did. It's part of the official story, but it's true. In fact, it's so true, that there isn't even an alternative to it. Just as there is NO alternative to Oswald being in the doorway at 12:30 (there is no other place he could have been at that time) there is no alternative to Oswald being in the lunch room shortly after that.

Where else could he have been? He didn't remain in the doorway. In fact, he left the doorway early- before it was over. It's possible that Oswald left the doorway before the fatal head shot, although if he did, it was just a split-second before. Or it was immediately after. As I look at it, the fatal head shot pretty well coincides with Oswald leaving the doorway.

How do I know that? I know it from Wiegman film. Remember: Wiegman was in the press car, a convertible, which was 8 cars behind the Presidential limo. Wiegman was filming straight ahead, and he caught Oswald in the doorway as he was rounding the corner. Say hello to Oswald:

Now, once the car came out of the curve and was heading down Elm, Wiegman pointed his camera in that direction, down Elm. Why not? That's where the action was, right? But then, suddenly, Wiegman swung to his right, with his camera, and he did a second pan of the doorway. Now, why did he do that? Anyone? Anyone? He did it because either he saw some commotion through the corner of his eye, or he heard some commotion, or both. That's why he did it. And what we see in the Wiegman film for that second pan of the doorway is this:

Now, let me make something perfectly clear: we don't actually see this when we watch the film. When we watch the film, it's all a blur. They removed so many frames that the glimpse we get of this is as fleeting as fleeting gets. And, it's ironic too because the fact was that to reverse direction, Wiegman had to come to a COMPLETE STOP.  The above frame is like a press photo that was released separately. And, that guy in the upper right is fake; I guarantee it. He wasn't there. He is a still image that was inserted into the film. He's not Oswald. He's not Lovelady. And he wasn't there. 

Can't you see those are two different men? So, why did they put the second guy in there? They put him in there because OSWALD HAD LEFT. Oswald was on his merry way to the lunch room. So, when was this? The other frame, with Oswald, coincides quite closely with the Altgens photo, which was several seconds before the fatal head shot. And this other one was several seconds after the first Wiegman Doorman frame. Hence, this frame of the second Wiegman Doorman (and he, literally, may have been put into just one one-eighteenth second frame) coincides closely with the fatal head shot. 

So, Oswald left the doorway right around the time of the fatal head shot. I simply can't say whether it was a split-second before or immediately after. 

So, this is photographic proof that Oswald left the doorway early. But, where did he go? He went to the 2nd floor lunch room and probably on the order of Bill Shelley. Where else could he have gone? Nowhere else. That's it. There is no other place he could possibly have gone. 

And that trek to the lunch room is what used up the necessary time to result in Oswald leaving for home in the 12:33 to 12:34 time frame. Dale Myers thinks he has narrowed it down to exactly 12:33.5. I don't necessarily endorse that, and I don't respect Dale Myers. But, I am not inclined to make a stink about it either. If it's not exactly right, it's close. 

So, that's 3 1/2 minutes between the slaughter of JFK and Oswald's departure from the TSBD. If Oswald didn't make that trek to the lunch room, then what the heck was he doing for 3 1/2 minutes?

The Prayermanites try to say that he just remained in the doorway, but remember how stupid the Prayermanites are. They're dolts, through and through. 

If Oswald had remained in the doorway, then it would have been impossible to deny that he was there. Too many people would have seen him. Remember: things began to happen very fast. Before Baker was done with his trek, there were multiple cops in the building. If Oswald had stayed put, then people coming in would have seen him. And it would have been impossible to connect him to the 6th floor.

The plan was thought out. I can't say that it was well thought out. But, it was thought out. And, the killers realized that in order to implicate Oswald, he had to be "discovered", as in first sighted, shortly after the shooting in a spot that he theoretically could have reached from the 6th floor in the allotted time. That's why they absolutely couldn't let Oswald wander into Dealey Plaza. How could Oswald be in Dealey Plaza watching the motorcade and up on the 6th floor shooting Kennedy at the same time? So, that's why Bill Shelley was in the doorway; he was there to block Oswald in case Oswald got the bright idea to leave. But, we don't know if that was an issue. Perhaps Shelley got lucky. Perhaps Oswald came out and just took his position at the top of the steps, spontaneously, and never tried to go further. But, if Oswald had just stayed put, his worries would have been over. But, it must have been calculated ahead of time that if Oswald could be discovered in the second floor lunch room, which was right next to the stairs coming down from the 6th floor, that they could say that that is exactly what happened. And really, it was the best they could do. Where else could they send him?  

So, that is WHY Bill Shelley told Oswald to go to the 2nd floor lunch room. What reason he gave to Oswald to go there, I do not know.  Shelley had to watch it very closely. He had to know when it was the right time, when it was about over. And he had to send Oswald UP to implicate him. Oswald surely was SENT to the lunch room, just as surely he was SENT to the Texas Theater. 

There is no other place but the lunch room that Oswald could have been at that time. He certainly didn't remain out in front the whole time. And he wasn't hiding in a closet. He had to have gone to the 2nd floor lunch room, and he did. 

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