Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another great observation from the Wizard. He points out that, in jail, if they are going to replace your shoes, they usually give you ones without laces because inmates have been known to use shoe laces to hang themselves. Plus, the FBI report on the results of the search of Ruby's person, car, and residence does not include anything about underwear. The Wizard speaks:


I saw this on bpete's site. If I did not know better I would have thought that he had failed to grasp the theory: If the arrest was fake, the inventory was fake, and they would not have overlooked the paperwork. This is either a 1963 fake or the ink is still wet from yesterday. 'A set of underwear', indeed! ('One pair women's frilly panties, one bra, one basque.') They could not bring themselves to include 'socks'.

Eyeglasses but no sunglasses?

As far as the photos are concerned, Ruby's 'new' jail shoes look laced. One hears stories of laced shoes or laces, and belts, being taken to stop the prisoner harming himself, but I doubt whether they would have just exchanged one pair of laced shoes for another.

There is no mention of socks or shoes (other than a pair of brown shoes found in his car) in the FBI report in the WC Exhibits:

I searched this document for socks, shoes and underwear.

There are some interesting items: 'Set of used aluminum knuckles'.

Perhaps we should thank bpete and Norwood for confirming the observation pertaining to the socks.

By the way, the Beers photo gives a good view of the garage shooter's legs: the thighs and lower legs are obviously short.


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