Saturday, November 5, 2016

This evening, Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents in Reno, Nevada. Meanwhile, other agents and police pushed a man to the ground, face down, pulled his hands behind his back, patted him down, and then they cuffed him. Then, they stood him up and walked him away, and you could see the guy being escorted away in handcuffs. And we don't even know yet that he was armed. 

But, what happened in Dallas with "Ruby" who was definitely armed and had shot a man being wrestled out of the area without being cuffed is bull shit. Police don't do that. They don't do it now; they didn't do it then. It was all an act, and they were just trying to keep the man out of view because he wasn't Jack Ruby; he was James Bookhout.
They were just covering him up. That's all they were doing. They were all working together. They were all in on it. It was just an act, just a dog and pony show. It wasn't real life. What happened today in Reno, that was real life. That was real police action. 

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