Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Look at the color of the socks on the Garage Shooter in the Beers photo. They are light.

Now, look at the socks on Jack Ruby. He's in his prisoner garb, but don't tell me they had him change his socks. This was a city jail, not a prison. Oswald didn't even get a shirt, never mind underwear, which is what socks are. 

Different socks means different men!

Who is going to fight about it now, huh? Anybody? Anybody?

Credit for this find goes to the Wizard Who's With us. 

And now, it is time to go to the Attorney General of the United States. 

And, if you look closely, those are high-top work shoes on the left and dressy low-top shoes on the right. Different shoes AND different socks. DIFFERENT MEN!  

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