Saturday, November 5, 2016

Look at this frame which shows all the positions after Oswald was shot. He is grimacing. He is cringing. He is reacting to being shot, so he has been shot. You see how lateral "Ruby" is to Oswald. You see how Leavelle is completely out on the other side of Oswald and far far away from Ruby. 

So, how did they come up with this? They can't both be true.

"Ruby" now is in front of Oswald, and Leavelle is in a different position and turned and looking a different direction. We don't see this in the footage. This is unique to the Jackson photo. That arm of Leavelle's that is buried in Oswald's pants- that is fake. Oswald's left arm slapped across his chest- that is fake. The shot has already gone off! I'll say it again: The shot has already gone off! So, how could that detective at the corner of the wall be just calmly looking on? How could the guy on the right be calmly puffing on his cigar? How could Inspector JD Sawyers behind Oswald be looking through everything at the camera? Besides the gun blast, Oswald has screamed. This whole image is fake and fraudulent. Yet, they gave Bob Jackson the Pulitizer Prize?????????????? What for? To keep his mouth shut? The bloodied evil that lurks in our miserable society is captured in this grotesque photograph. Amerca, the land of debt, denial, and duplicity, all captured in this image. 

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