Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One naysayer suggested that perhaps the Dallas Police issued Ruby new socks. So, the Dallas Police gave Ruby new underwear? Because that's what socks are: underwear.

Well, the Dallas Police certainly didn't give Oswald any new underwear. The Dallas Police didn't give Oswald anything in the way of clothes until the morning of 24th, and even then, it wasn't prison garb. They gave him a sweater, and I'm pretty sure it was his own sweater that was obtained from his boarding room, although I'm not positive.

But here he is, the evening of Saturday 23rd, and he's still in the original t-shirt in which he was arrested. He hasn't been given any outer clothes, let alone any underwear, and he hasn't even been permitted to take a shower. He complains about his "basic, fundamental hygienic rights, like a shower and a book."

Notice that you see the same stretched sunken t-shirt in which he was arrested and which he wore in the doorway. So, he didn't get squat in the way of clothes from them. Yet, some apologist wants to suggest that they Jack Ruby, in contrast, was given new shoes and socks.
Remember that this was a City Jail, not a prison. I know about city jails. My father's last stint in law enforcement before he retired was to work as a jailer for the LAPD. And I remember him saying that, typically, they kept inmates there for very short periods of time, usually just a few days, at the most. Then they would go to court, and either get out on bail, or if they were remanded, they were sent somewhere else. They weren't sent back to the downtown city jail. In this case, Ruby was kept there one day. The very next day, November 25, he was sent to the County Jail. So, what the heck would they be issuing him shoes and socks for? What, do you think they had a shoe room at the DPD with all possible sizes of men's feet, like they have at a bowling alley? 

They didn't have anything like that. It wasn't a prison. It was a city jail. There is no reason to think that Jack Ruby was wearing anything but his own shoes and socks.

And they were not the shoes and socks of the Garage Shooter.

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