Saturday, November 5, 2016

So, was it the case that Ruby had 2 address books on him? That's what it says. The leather belt got listed twice. What they meant by a "set" of underwear is anyone's guess. And which bin was all this put in? We don't see a bin number for the belt, the tie, the address book. And, if you assume that it's G-25, why would those items go into G-25 while the shoes, shirt, and underwear went into N-18? Why not keep all his stuff together in one bin? Why divvy it up? Didn't that make it that much harder when it was time for him to leave? And he left the very next day.  And look at the charge. It says "inv. murder". What does that mean? Does it mean involuntary murder? Involuntary? This was typed up the very next day so how could they possibly qualify the nature of the murder at that point? And why would they bother? This was just a property invoice, so why qualify the nature of the murder? Why not just put murder? Don't you think they were trying a little bit too hard? 

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