Friday, November 4, 2016

So, we have this version of the Ruby property invoice from bpete:

And we have this version of it from Portal to Texas History:

So, one is in white, and the other is in pink. What is the explanation for that? The pink one has scribbled handwriting on the side and check marks while the white one does not. What is the reason for that? And look what it says on the bottom of the pink form: "If neither evidence nor recovered stolen property, write on face of this form in detail reason for police possession." So, shall we assume then that they figured that Ruby stole his underwear, and that's why they confiscated it? Because I'm pretty sure it didn't constitute evidence in the case. 

But, there is another discrepancy. On the white one, it says N-30 as the bin number, but on the white one, that's crossed out, and it says in handwriting N-18. 

Another discrepancy: there is handwriting on the right side of both documents, but the writing is completely different between the two.

Another difference: on the pink one, there is some scribbling in red at the top below "City of Dallas". That scribbling is missing from bpete's.

So, what is the explanation for these differences? And how can anyone even claim to know what the explanation is? 

But, the very idea of confiscating the man's underwear is beyond the pale. It is beyond ludicrous. It is insane. Yet, it was some foolish person's solution to the existence of this:

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