Tuesday, February 28, 2017

There are immature people who don't know how to analyze testimonies and who don't even do it in good faith. When there is a contradiction built-in to a testimony- such as in the case of Mrs. Reid, who went by Mrs. Robert Reid but whose first name I believe was Geraldine- these immature, incompetent, and viciously motivated individuals think they can use it as currency- for themselves, to advance their dis-info agenda. 

It is quite true that Mrs. Reid insisted that she saw Oswald in just a white t-shirt. But, it doesn't bother me at all that she didn't recognize CE 150 because it doesn't look like Oswald's shirt.

They don't look alike, so it doesn't bother me that witnesses, such as Mrs. Reid and Officer Marrion Baker, did not recognize CE 150. The Warren Commission and the entire JFK establishment has been lying about Oswald's shirt from Day 1. And they've been lying about it ever since. This too has been displayed as Oswald's shirt:

And this too:

Look at the stiffness of the shirt on the right below which they tried to pass off as Oswald's shirt in 2013. How could that shirt ever behave like the shirt on the left which Oswald wore? And how dishonest is it to display the shirt in a way in which we NEVER saw on Oswald?  Oswald's shirt NEVER looked like that. 

But, it is troubling that Mrs. Reid insisted upon seeing Oswald in just a t-shirt shortly after the lunch room encounter with Truly and Baker.  

So, this is an irreconcilable disparity. It's an irreconcilable disparity for me and for everyone, and it's unlikely to ever be resolved. So, we have to decide what to do about it. We could just throw her entire testimony out. But, she did correctly state that Oswald had a Coke, which does correlate with other testimonies, including what Oswald, himself, said, that he got a Coke:

Baker and Truly both said that Oswald didn't have a Coke when they saw him. So, if he got it right after they left, and then Mrs. Reid saw him immediately after that with a full Coke, it does make sense. Could she have seen somebody else whom she mistook for Oswald? The Warren Commissioner asked her how many times she saw Oswald prior to this, and she said about 5. And she went on to describe the circumstances that she saw him, what he was doing, what she observed about him, her impression of him, etc. I think she made a compelling case that she knew what Oswald looked like. So, I am not inclined to throw out her testimony. 

I have discussed this at length with John Armstrong, and he is intrigued with the idea that she saw "Lee", that she didn't see the Oswald of fame, but rather the lookalike who was trying to frame him, and that that "Lee" was dressed in just a white t-shirt. It's an interesting speculation, and it does solve the problem. But, it's still just a speculation. And since the Oswald of fame told Fritz that he got a Coke... it says "claims 2nd Floor Coke":

it would mean that "Harvey" and "Lee" both got a Coke within a very short period of time in a very confined space, and frankly, I find that to be daunting and untenable. 

This comes down to probability, where it's likely that we are never going to know for certain. But, as I look at it all, what I think is MOST PROBABLE is that she saw Oswald, the Oswald of fame, and she was simply mistaken in her memory about how he was dressed. She may have been confusing images of him in just a t-shirt from the PD with what she saw in person.  

And notice that the makers of Ruby and Oswald must have concluded the same thing, that Mrs. Reid did see TSBD Oswald, even though he was wearing more than just a t-shirt, and that she was simply mistaken about it.

And, I think that is also what the Warren Commission and most JFK researchers everywhere have concluded over the years- that she was simply mistaken about that one point of fact. I have never heard anyone suggest that her testimony should be discarded. Plus, it is a well established observation in law that it is not uncommon for eye-witnesses to be wrong about specific details of what they saw. Need I remind you about the Innocence Project? 

So, that's how I, and almost everyone else, has sized it up and dealt with the incongruity in Mrs. Reid's testimony concerning Oswald's dress: that she simply remembered it wrong. I think it's the mature and responsible position to take about it. But, bpete is not mature, and what he is responsible for are crimes. He is a criminal. He has committed crimes against me, and believe me, I am seeking justice.  

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