Saturday, August 23, 2014

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  • Kieran Bill Hicks Cooke It sounded the same when it wasnt to he, Ralph.
    You dont see it.
    You seem to hate anyone who doesnt agree with exactly what you say.

    You know its still possible to disagree with you on certain things, and still have the belief of oswalds innocence.
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  • Ralph Cinque You're right, Bill: I have utter contempt for anybody who refuses to recognize Oswald in the doorway. And that's because in 2014, there is no excuse for it. The guy is wearing Oswald's clothes. He has Oswald's features. He has Oswald's build. He's doing Oswald's stance. It's him. It can't not be him. And anybody who doesn't admit it is either bloodied or very, very, very, very stubborn for reasons unknown.
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