Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Randy Gunter The Dallas Corruption Department stole LHO's shirt from him, and paraded him around in a tattered and torn "wife beater" for the WORLD to observe, in order to form an unjust opinion of the "accused assassin". Yet, the puppet masters cover up and minimize the Police Brutality inflicted on the "innocent until proven guilty" by that very Police Corruption Department

That's right, Randy. They paraded Oswald around in just a tattered old t-shirt because they thought it made him look like a ruffian, like a thug. Oswald spent a lot of time in just a t-shirt. And one of those times was this time. He was in just a t-shirt here, and the shirt you see partially on him was painted on. It's fake. It's art. Evil, bloody techno-art. 

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