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The Devil's Choice: Was it Oswald or Oswald? 

"Do you think Oswald acted alone, or was he part of a conspiracy?" That is the devil's choice that is given whenever the Establishment conducts a poll about the JFK assassination. It's very clever because it sets in stone that Oswald did it before any deliberation is done. But, think about how wickedly dishonest it is. Of all the many books that have been written challenging and disputing the Warren Report, the vast and overwhelming majority have championed Oswald's innocence. 

The most important and significant work of the few that champion the idea that "Oswald did it within a conspiracy" is the HSCA Final Report. But, that doesn't even count as a book. It was by, for, and from the government. It was just more government propaganda- the Warren Report II- with a twist. 

So, that doesn't even count. What independent, non-government researcher (ignoring the government's HSCA lawyers) has written a book of any prominence advocating that "Oswald did it within a conspiracy"? I'm sure there are such books, but are any of them of any prominence?

My point is that, for all practical purposes, the whole movement to challenge the Warren Report and the official account of the JFK assassination has been an Oswald innocence campaign. When you put aside the stupidity and naked corruption of the HSCA, what's left to the Oswald-did it-in-a-conspiracy movement? Practically nothing. You've got a few idiots on the margin like Robert Harris, and that's about it. And who cares about them? They don't matter at all.

The fight is between those who say Oswald did it, as claimed by the government and the corporate media, and those who say he didn't, that he was framed, and that he was innocent. And that's exactly how the question should be posed and presented to the public. You start at the real divide, not the phony one, but the real one. 

These people-the ones who have the polls conducted- are so terrified of the storm surrounding the JFK assassination, that they are afraid to even articulate what is really going on. And, what is going on is a war between Oswald accusers and Oswald defenders. Meanwhile, the phony "middle ground" of marrying the ideas of Oswald guilt and conspiracy is just a facade. It was born of government, and it is servant of government. And anyone who professes it is just a government shill.

Here is the brief rundown on why the whole idea of "Oswald did it within a conspiracy" is not just wrong, but INSANE.  

1. Oswald did the minimal amount of target shooting required by the Marines, but nearly failed his last exam in 1959. One point less, and he would have failed. But, that shooting was not remotely like the sniper shooting involved from the 6th floor. That is true technically in terms of the technical marksmanship skills required, but it is also true categorically in terms of the difference in temperament between firing at a paper target and firing at a real live human being. Oswald was NEVER a combat soldier. He was a Marine, but he wasn't that kind of Marine. He was a radar guy. And after leaving the Marines, in 1959, the ONLY shooting he reportedly did was to (rarely) go hunting in Russia with his buddies, using shotguns. It probably involved more drinking than shooting. But again, it has no parallel whatsoever to the 6th floor sniper attack. Therefore, the notion that ANYBODY would think Oswald was a qualified and appropriate choice to be the one to assassinate President Kennedy is insane. 

2. There isn't a smidgen of evidence that Oswald was contacted by anyone about killing Kennedy. There isn't a smidgen of evidence about Oswald being compensated or promised any compensation for killing Kennedy, and it is a concrete fact that assassins who do killings on behalf of others get paid. It is a profession. The idea that Oswald would have been "hired" for no pay or that he would have agreed to do it for no pay, and not for any other kind of compensation, is insane. It depicts Oswald as a murderer for hire who worked for nothing.

3. The very fact that the story has it that Oswald ordered a cheap, dilapidated $6 Italian rifle tells you that nobody could have put him up to it. Because if anybody had put him up to it, they'd have seen to it that he had a decent weapon, a first-rate weapon. After all, when you're assassinating the President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World, why skimp on the weapon? Surely, the powerful people who wanted Kennedy dead-whomever they were- had the means, the resources, and the foresight to provide Oswald a decent weapon and surely would have done so. 

4. Why would anyone have chosen Oswald to do it when he wasn't even up to speed in terms of coordination? By that, I mean it would have been difficult to coordinate with Oswald. He had no car, and he couldn't drive. Would you get a guy who couldn't drive a car at the age of 24 to do your killing for you? He had no phone, which means that you couldn't call him if you had to tell him something, if there was a change in plans, or an unexpected development. Isn't communication vital in an operation like that? Would the CIA or the Mafia have rested their hopes of killing Kennedy on Lee Harvey Oswald? Why? Was he the best they could do? 

5. Oswald's whole history is very well documented. He was in Russia until June 1962. That was just 1 year and 5 months before the assassination, and nobody can assume that Lee Harvey Oswald had pre-existing connections with the Mafia. This is the official record of Oswald's life for these 17 months. Don't assume that all of it is correct. Some of it pertains to the Oswald double, and some of it is outright false, such as his supposed trip to Mexico City, which he most certainly did not take (and I was told that directly by Mark Lane). But, the point is that with this much information, this much detail, about the last year and a half of Oswald's life, it is insane to think that his conspiring with the Mafia to kill JFK fell through the cracks.

June 14, 1962: The Oswalds arrive in Fort Worth, where they move in with Robert.

June 18, 1962: LHO asks stenographer Pauline Bates to type a manuscript that he had
written in Russia.

June 19, 1962: LHO contacts Peter Gregory, who gives him a letter testifying to LHO's
Russian language ability.

June 26, 1962: LHO is interviewed by the FBI for the first time.

July 14, 1962: The Oswalds move in with Marguerite at 1501 W. 7th Street in Fort Worth.

July 17, 1962: LHO obtains a job at Louv-R-Pak Division of the Leslie Welding Company.

August 10, 1962: The Oswalds move to 2703 Mercedes St. in Fort Worth.

August 16, 1962: The FBI interviews LHO a second time.

August 25, 1962: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Paul Gregory, where
they meet several members of the local Russian émigré community.

September, 1962: The Oswalds meet George De Mohrenschildt and his wife.

October, 1962: Marina and June move in with Elena Hall while LHO looks for work in

October 9, 1962: LHO visits the Texas Employment Commission in Dallas where he
scores well on aptitude tests. He also rents a PO Box under his own name at the main
Post Office.

October 10, 1962: LHO fills out a change of address form forwarding his mail to the new
PO box.

October 11, 1962: LHO is referred to Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall Co. by the Employment
Commission, and he is hired.

October 12, 1962: He begins work at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.

October 15, 1962: LHO moves into the YMCA.

October 16, 1962: June is baptized without LHO's knowledge.

November 4, 1962: The Oswalds are reunited at 604 Elsbeth St. in Dallas, where LHO
had found an apartment.

November 5, 1962: The Oswalds have a violent argument, and Marina and June move in
with their friends, the Mellers.

November 10, 1962: Marina and June move to the home of the Fords.

November 17, 1962: Marina and June spend the day at the home of Mrs. Frank Ray. LHO
calls and asks to visit Marina, who agrees to return to him. They return to the Elsbeth St.
address that night.

November 22, 1962: On Thanksgiving Day, the Oswalds visit Robert's home, where LHO
and John Pic are reunited after 10 years.

December 28, 1962: The Oswalds attend a New Year's party at the Fords' home.

January 14, 1963: LHO enrolls in a typing course at Crozier Technical School.

January 25, 1963: LHO makes the final two payments on the State Department loan.

January 28, 1962: LHO orders a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver by mail.

February 13, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of the De

February 22, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Everett Glover,
where they meet Ruth Paine.

March 2, 1963: The Oswalds move to 214 West Neely Street.

March 9-10, 1963: LHO takes photographs of the home of General Edwin Walker, a right-
wing activist.

March 11, 1963: The Militant, a prominent left-wing publication, publishes a letter signed
L.H., probably written by LHO.

March 12, 1963: Ruth Paine visits Marina at the new apartment. Also that day, LHO
orders a rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago.

March 20, 1963: The rifle and the revolver are shipped.

March 25, 1963: LHO picks up the weapons.

March 31, 1963: Marina takes the infamous "Backyard Photos" of LHO.

April 1, 1963: LHO is fired by Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.

April 2, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Ruth and Michael Paine,
where General Walker is mentioned.

April 6, 1963: LHO's last day at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.

April 10, 1963: LHO (according to evidence discovered later) fires a single shot at General
Walker, which misses him.

April 12, 1963: LHO files for unemployment benefits.

April 14, 1963: LHO retrieves the rifle which he had hidden near the shooting site.

April 17, 1963: LHO decides to move to New Orleans.

April 24, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to the bus station, where he leaves for New Orleans.

April 25, 1963: LHO moves in with his aunt Lillian Murret.

April 26, 1963: LHO visits the employment office in New Orleans.

April 28, 1963: LHO makes an effort to contact relatives on his father's side.

April 29, 1963: LHO files an appeal concerning his unemployment benefits.

May 9, 1963: With the help of Myrtle Evans, LHO finds work at the Reily Coffee Co. He
also finds an apartment.

May 10, 1963: LHO starts work and moves into his new apartment at 4905 Magazine St.

May 11, 1963: Ruth, Marina and June arrive at the apartment. Ruth stays on to visit.

May 14, 1963: Ruth returns to Dallas.

May 26, 1963: LHO writes to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee requesting a charter.

May 29, 1963: LHO orders 1,000 handbills for FPCC.

June 3, 1963: LHO rents a new PO box, using A.J. Hidell as one of the people that will
receive mail there.

June 8, 1963: Marina is rejected for treatment at the New Orleans Charity Hospital,
infuriating LHO.

June 16, 1963: LHO distributes FPCC literature at the Dumaine Street wharf where the
U.S.S. Wasp is docked.

June 24, 1963: LHO applies for a new passport.

July 6, 1963: LHO is invited by his cousin Eugene to speak to a group of students at the
Jesuit House of Studies in Mobile, Alabama, where Eugene is studying to be a priest.

July 11, 1963: Ruth invites Marina to live with her separately from LHO.

July 19, 1963: LHO is fired from the Reily Coffee Co.

July 22, 1963: He files a claim for unemployment benefits.

July 25, 1963: LHO's request for a review of his undesirable discharge is denied.

July 27, 1963: LHO speaks to the Jesuit group for 30 minutes on the subject of
"Contemporary Russia and the Practice of Communism".

August 5, 1963: LHO offers to help anti-Castro Cuban Carlos Bringuier in his struggle
against Castro.

August 6, 1963: He leaves his Marine Corps manual at Bringuier's store.

August 9, 1963: Bringuier confronts LHO when he sees him distributing FPCC literature
on Canal Street. A scuffle ensues, and the two are arrested. LHO spends the night in jail.

August 10, 1963: LHO is interviewed by John Quigley of the FBI at LHO's request. A
friend of the Murrets bails him out late in the afternoon.

August 12, 1963: LHO pleads guilty to the charge of disturbing the peace and is fined

August 17, 1963: Bill Stuckey from radio station WDSU visits LHO and asks him to
appear on the program Latin Listening Post. He arrived at the station at 5:00 PM and
taped a 37-minute segment, which was cut to 4 and a half minutes and broadcast at 7:30
that evening.

August 19, 1963: LHO accepts Stuckey's offer to debate Bringuier on a live radio

August 21, 1963: LHO debates Bringuier and Ed Butler, director of a right-wing group, on
the program Conversation Carte Blanche, which runs from 6:05 to 6:30 PM.

September 17, 1963: LHO obtains a tourist card good for one visit to Mexico City from the
Mexican consulate in New Orleans.

September 20, 1963: Ruth visits the Oswalds, and it is decided that Marina will return to
Irving with Ruth for the birth of the baby.

September 23, 1963: Ruth and Marina leave for Irving.

September 24, 1963: Eric Rogers, a neighbor, sees LHO running to catch a bus.

September 25, 1963: LHO collects his unemployment check of $33. Later, he catches a
bus bound for Houston. Late that night, he places a phone call to Horace Twiford, an
official of the Texas Socialist Labor Party.

Mexico City
September 26, 1963

Early in the morning, LHO boards a bus for Laredo, Texas. He crosses the border into
Mexico in the early afternoon.

2:15 PM: At Nuevo Laredo, LHO boards a bus for Mexico City.

September 27, 1963

10:00 AM: LHO arrives in Mexico City.

11:00 AM: LHO registers at the Hotel del Comercio, where he will stay for the duration of
his visit.

11:30 AM: LHO makes his first visit to the Cuban Embassy, where he fills out the
application for a visa to Cuba. In the afternoon, LHO returns with passport photographs
he had obtained. When LHO is told that the visa could take up to four months and was
not possible without a Russian visa as well, he becomes angry. He walks a short
distance to the Russian Embassy to inquire about a visa to Russia and is put off until the
next day.

September 28, 1963

LHO returns to both the Cuban and the Russian Embassies with no success.

September 29, 1963

LHO probably attends a bullfight on this, a Sunday.

September 30, 1963

LHO phones the Russian Embassy one last time with no success. Later, he buys a bus
ticket from Mexico City to Laredo, Texas.

October 1, 1963

LHO pays the Hotel bill through that day.

October 2, 1963

8:30 AM: LHO departs on bus #332 for Texas.

October 3, 1963

1:35 AM: LHO crosses into the U.S.

2:20 PM: LHO arrives in Dallas.

October 3, 1963: LHO checks in at the YMCA. Later in the day, he files a claim at the
employment office.

October 4, 1963: LHO applies for work at Padgett Printing Co. He makes a favorable
impression, but is not hired because of poor references. Later, he telephones Marina and
asks for a ride to Ruth Paine's home and is denied. He hitchhikes the 12 miles to Ruth's

October 7, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to the bus station, and he returns to Dallas to look for
work. Later, LHO obtains a room at 621 Marsalis St.

October 12, 1963: LHO advised his landlady that he was leaving for the weekend, and
she stated that she didn't want him to return. LHO went to Ruth's for the weekend.

October 14, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to Dallas, where he later registers as O.H. Lee at a
new rooming house on North Beckley. Later, Ruth mentions to a group of neighbors that
LHO is having trouble finding work. One of the ladies, Linnie Mae Randle, mentioned a
possible opening at the Texas School Book Depository; and when LHO calls the Paine
home that evening, Ruth informs him of the opening.

October 15, 1963: LHO applies at the TSBD and is hired.

October 16, 1963: LHO begins work at the TSBD.

October 18, 1963: LHO receives a ride from Buell Frazier to the Paine home, where a
surprise birthday party is waiting for him.

October 20, 1963: Marina gives birth to Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald.

October 23, 1963: LHO attends a right-wing rally where General Walker is a speaker.

October 25, 1963: Michael Paine and LHO attend a meeting of the ACLU.

October 29, 1963: FBI agent James Hosty makes inquiries in the Paine's neighborhood
regarding LHO.

November 1, 1963: Hosty interviews Ruth and Marina at the Paine home. Also that day,
LHO rents a new PO box and sends letters to the ACLU and the American Communist

November 2, 1963: LHO instructs Marina that if Hosty returns she should get his plate

November 3, 1963: Ruth gives LHO a driving lesson.

November 5, 1963: Hosty returns for another interview, and Marina obtains his plate

November 8, 1963: Frazier drops LHO off at the Paine's home, as usual.

November 9, 1963: Ruth takes LHO to the Driver Examination Station accompanied by
Marina and the children. When they discovered it was closed, they spent time at a local
five and dime store.

November 11, 1963: LHO spends Veteran's Day at the Paine home.

November 12, 1963: LHO delivers a note to the FBI building addressed to Hosty warning
him to leave his family alone.

November 15, 1963: Marina advises LHO not to come the following weekend as Michael
Paine will be there to celebrate his daughter's birthday.

November 17, 1963: Ruth calls LHO's rooming house at Marina's request to find they
don't know him by the name LHO Harvey Oswald.

November 19, 1963: The Dallas Times Herald details the exact route of the presidential

November 21, 1963: LHO breaks routine by having breakfast at the Dobb's House
restaurant. Later, he arrives at the Paine home without calling first. He retires early that
So, where does this leave us? It leaves us with the cold clear absolute realization that any talk of Oswald as a shooter within a conspiracy is crazy talk. It is just blood talking. And, I am here to tell you that anyone who makes this ridiculous claim in the year 2014 is a bloodied bastard. They are not just as bad as lone-nutters; they are worse; far worse. Lone-nutters are just automations; they are robots; government robots. But, anyone who says Oswald did it within a conspiracy is just as much a government shill. They are no better. They're not partly right. The vast majority of them are calculated government shills who have snuck across the conspiracy line just to couch themselves as CTs- so as to win friends and influence people. That's all! There is nothing more to it. And the proper way to deal with these people is to wad up a big ball of spit in your mouth, and then, well, you get the idea. 

Oswald was innocent! Don't even debate the people who say he did within a conspiracy. Don't dignify their ridiculous, nonsensical, childish, and insane idea by acting like it's wrong but plausible. It is wrong and implausible. These people are just noise, and you should tune them out. They are only there to distract you. It's their job. I say cut them off at their knees.  


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