Friday, August 29, 2014

Backass, I just made posts on my OIC Facebook page and my OIC Group page on Facebook, and both went through just fine. 

And you're being an idiot, Backes. I told you that when I signed up for Amazon Prime, I was automatically reactivated. So, the total amount I gave Amazon was $79.  I understand that when it's time to renew, it will be $99.  But, I'll gladly pay it. Linda and I watched all the episodes of The Good Wife, and now we're hooked on House of Cards. 

Besides, I haven't been warned or admonished or penalized for anything on Facebook since I returned. They wouldn't just ban me without a slew of infractions. I haven't had any. 

You're stupid, Backes. So excited were you about the announcement of Mark O'Blazney. Why didn't you at least check it out first before shooting your mouth off? Idiot. 

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