Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bpunk wants to argue about the meaning of Fritz 1st and arrow.

Well, Fritz isn't here to tell us, and we're not going to let you decide, bpunk. So, here's the bottom line: it doesn't matter. We know for absolute sure that Oswald ate his lunch before the assassination in the Domino room and in the presence of two witnesses: Junior Jarman and Harold Norman, who wound up on the 5th floor with Bonnie Ray Williams at the time of the assassination, and we have a picture of them to prove it. 

So, that's definite. It's on ice. And if you weren't such a bloodied bastard, you'd stop being so God-damn shit-faced about it.

So, what it means is that the notes are DEFINITELY out of order. The encounter with Truly and Baker comes before the lunch on the 1st floor in the notes. But, in Oswald's life, the lunch came before the encounter. So, the notes are DEFINITELY out of order. There's no doubt about it. There's no question about it. And only bloodied bastards like yourself claim otherwise. 

But now, you're going to have to claim it outright. That's because I am holding your nose to the grindstone. You want to claim that Oswald ate his lunch AFTER the assassination? After his encounter with Truly and Baker? That he put it off even though he had all of 45 minutes to eat? You're saying he waited until after the assassination? And that in addition to doing all the things we know he did at the Depository, and walking 6 blocks to catch a bus, and then getting bogged down in traffic on it, and then getting off the bus and walking several more blocks to the bus depot where he argued with a woman over a cab? And then he took the cab home and had the driver surpass his house so that he had to walk back? And then he went in there and changed his pants and got his gun? And then on foot he made it all the way to the Texas Theater (and we'll leave out the part about him walking to 10th and Patton and killing Tippit since he didn't do that), only to arrive by 1:07 according to Butch Burroughs? And you're saying he did all that between 12:30 and 1:07 and in addition he sat down after the assassination, minutes after Kennedy got his head blown off, to eat? I said: to eat at a time like that? After a horror like that? 

Well, if that's what you think, this is Bill Burke telling you that you are full of shit:

Bill was being nice about it. Me, I'm not so nice. 

Anyway, here's how it is: You want to go further with this? You want to keep claiming the notes are chronological? Then you admit that what you're claiming is that Lee Harvey Oswald sat down and enjoyed a nice lunch right after John F. Kennedy got his brain blown out. You can't beat around the bush. You say it out loud. You want to own it? Fine. Then say it. 

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