Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here you see Jack Ruby moving in on Oswald. He is about to shoot him. All morning long, they emphasized on the radio that the Dallas Police were greatly concerned that someone would try to kill Oswald.  They announced repeatedly that they considered Oswald to be in grave danger. 

But notice in this picture that Detective Leavelle isn't looking in Ruby's direction. And bear in mind that Leavelle had to know that an attack could only come from Ruby's direction. To Leavelle's right was a wall lined with policeman, and he had no worry that an attack would come from that direction. An attack could only come from Ruby's side. So, why wasn't Leavelle looking that way? 

In fact, you would think that Ruby's motion alone would have triggered eye contact from Leavelle because it's only natural that when there is a moving object in your visual field- even in your peripheral field- that you sync on it. You make sure that it isn't anything threatening you. That instinct goes back to primordial times. And it happens automatically- even when you're not on-guard and expecting trouble. 

But, in this case, they were most definitely expecting trouble. In this case, they were keenly aware that Oswald was in danger and might be attacked. So, why wasn't Leavelle scanning in the direction from which an attack might come? And why wasn't Will Fritz? You see how Fritz is staring straight ahead- stone-faced like a statue. Why wasn't he scanning? Why wasn't he looking? Why wasn't he honed in on the danger zone? 

I don't have the answers, but let's consider the possibilities. Top of the list is that they were consciously aware that Ruby was going to shoot Oswald, and they simply let it happen. They deliberately looked away. And I mean specifically: Fritz, Leavelle, and Leavelle's partner. But, it's also been suggested that it was all an act, that they were just going to pretend to shoot Oswald, and that Oswald was in on it too. Are you aware that no one reported seeing any blood at Oswald's shooting? Not a drop. It seems like there should be have been some red stuff.  

Of course, he wound up dead though, so if that shot didn't kill him, something else did. 

I don't claim to have a handle on this. I'm just thinking out loud. But, I know abnormal behavior when I see it, and this was abnormal behavior. Here it is: 

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