Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here are the Fritz notes taken during his first interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. And they were definitely taken DURING the interrogation because at some point Oswald made a sarcastic remark to Fritz, reminding him that he took notes, so he should look up what Oswald said. 

You see two arrows there. The first one was Fritz' and the second one is mine, which I drew to extend his. And, I think it is an accurate depiction of Fritz' intent with his arrow, indicating that "to 1st floor had lunch" was the thing that came first. 

But, keep in mind that there isn't a scintilla of doubt that that WAS the thing that came first. Oswald did eat his lunch before the assassination in the Domino room at a time that Junior Jarman and Harold Norman were milling around. He cited them as having been there. He used them as his witnesses, and they confirmed that they were indeed there at the time. And of course it was before the motorcade passed for when the motorcade passed, Jarman and Norman were up on the 5th floor watching it from the window. 

So yes, Oswald ate his lunch before the assassination, and I have never heard anyone deny it. Even Vincent Bugliosi admits it.  Does anyone want to maintain that after Oswald had his encounter with Truly and Baker, and after he passed Mrs. Reid in the office, that he went downstairs and started eating lunch? That is ridiculous! 

Look: Butch Burroughs placed Oswald in the Texas Theater at 1:07, just 37 minutes after Kennedy's head was blown off. 37 minutes! You can't have Oswald doing everything he did in those 37 minutes and squeeze in lunch too. The lunch had to come before. 

Plus, it makes no sense behaviorally to claim otherwise. The TSBD employees were released for lunch at 11:45, which was 15 minutes earlier than usual. That allowed 45 minutes for eating, drinking, excreting, and anything else people had to do so that they would be fresh and comfortable to watch the motorcade. And that's what the people did: they ate their lunch BEFORE the motorcade. And there is no reason to think Oswald would have done otherwise. Why would he have waited? What for? He wouldn't have. He didn't. Vincent Bugliosi has him eating his lunch in the Domino room at 12:15, and that sounds about right. Oswald certainly wouldn't have waited.

Where do people get off thinking that Oswald was this eccentric oddball who could be counted on to act strangely? Of course, Oswald would have no interest in seeing Kennedy because, after all, he was Oswald, and he didn't like people. Of course, Oswald put off eating his lunch even though he had 45 minutes to do it, and everyone else was doing it, because, after all, he was Oswald, and Oswald never went by the book; he always behaved oddly.    

So, we're given two choices: either Oswald was a mad-dog killer who decided on the spot to kill Kennedy just from reading the newspaper OR he was this quirky, odd, anti-social, detached misfit who could be counted on to always behave strangely. 

The truth is that, like everybody else, Oswald ate lunch before the assassination, and he did it in the Domino room. Then he went outside where Bill Shelley was and watched the motorcade- just like everybody else. Then he went to the 2nd floor lunch room- and probably because Bill Shelley told him to go there. And then he made his way downstairs and exited the building to go home. And there isn't the slightest reason to dispute any of it.  

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