Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Longtime adversary Steve Haydon admits that Oswald appears to have his hands cuffed behind his back and his elbows bent in the squad room. Steve took a picture to show us what he meant.  

But the question is: was Oswald in that position? Was he EVER handcuffed like that? I don't believe so, but in this case, we have earlier frames. 

Note that Oswald was in front of the cop. If his elbows were out like Steve's, they would be sticking out in front of the cop. You can see that even from the front, my elbows stick out. 

Since Oswald was in front of the cop, his elbows would have stuck out in front of the cop, but they don't. 

It's very clear that Oswald's elbows were not jutting out like mine are. We'd see them if they were. His arms were going down. Therefore, this image, from seconds later, has got to be bogus. 

Again, even Steve Haydon admits that my description of Oswald's arrangement is valid. But, the two arrangements below do not correlate. On the left, his elbow is mostly straight; on the right, it is bent 90 degrees. 

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