Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is the money shot. It proves that the image of Oswald in the squad room was falsified. 

Supposedly, Oswald had his hands cuffed behind his back. Didn't Backass detail how, briefly, Oswald was cuffed that way? But, he complained about it, and they reversed it and cuffed him in front, which is how we're used to seeing him. But, supposedly, here he was cuffed behind. And we see the bend of the elbow in his right arm and his right forearm going across his back. But, where the hell is his left arm? Doesn't it take two arms to be handcuffed? His left arm had nothing but the flimsy sleeve of a tattered t-shirt covering it. His left forearm was completely bare. Why don't we see the flesh color of his left forearm lined up with his right forearm so that they can be cuffed together? Wasn't that the whole idea? How come Oswald's doesn't look like me? How are the bloodied bastards going to rationalize this?  

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