Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backass doesn't think that Fritz and them were at fault in Oswald's death. But wait! Backass also thinks that Fritz concocted a bus and cab ride for Oswald, and that's something that could never have stood up if Oswald had lived. Obviously, Oswald knew what he did, and he would have told his dream team of lawyers what he did. As soon as they realized that the Dallas Police concocted a bus and cab ride for him, they would have honed in on that to establish reasonable doubt. Obviously, it's not OK for police to frame defendants for anything- not even bus and cab rides. 

So, there is no way that Fritz would have dreamed of doing that unless he had firm knowledge that Oswald was going to be dead soon. With Oswald alive, there is no way he could have gotten away with it or even expected to get away with it.

So, the stupid Backass has painted himself into a corner in which Fritz has to be part of the scheme to kill Oswald. 

Yet, while accusing Fritz of concocting a bus and cab ride for Oswald, Backass exonerates him of any wrongdoing in connection with Oswald's death. Dumb stupid mudder-foke.  

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