Saturday, August 23, 2014

No, Backes. I didn't make up Bobby Quattro. Mark O'Blazney did. I really got letters from a Bobby Quattro, until I figured it out, and he realized I was on to him, and so he stopped. 

O'Blase wasn't very smart about it. For instance, he said that you got him (Bobby Quattro) kicked off several JFK forums. Well, all this forum stuff stays online just about forever, and it was easy enough to tell whether there had ever been a Bobby Quattro on the forums. There hadn't been. Plus, the name Quattro meaning 4 when my name means 5? Sounded mocking. Plus, he was way too sycophantic, and he came across as very unmanly. It gave me the creeps. And for that, and other reasons, I figured out it was O'Blase.

And a woman really did write to me about your sexuality and whether you are gay. She used to be quite active. I won't give you her full name, but I will tell you her first name: Wendy.

And regarding the images of young men, I was trying to make the point that Danny Arce looked a lot older than 18. So to do that, I compared him to known 18 year olds. What the hell is wrong with you that you read sex into that? You're disgusting!

And then I compared the figure of Lovelady at the desk to that actor, whom I didn't know who he was except that he was listed among 26 year olds, to prove that that guy could not have been 26 year old Billy Lovelady. 

For Christ's sake, that is not a 26 year old. 

And no, I'm not going to rehash your ridiculous attempt to correlate the Fedora hat men in the Altgens photo with those in the Towner film. It can't be done, Asshole, and tell your friends that. 

And you know, Backes, you still haven't denied that you're gay. Furthermore, I know very well that you don't have a wife or a girlfriend. How could you? You work a regular job and then you come home in the evening and spend countless hours at this? How many hours were you at it last night waltzing down Memory Lane, rehashing all that old stuff?  How many people do you think read all that crap? I wouldn't be surprised if it was zero. You wasted your time, Asshole. 

I know how much time I devote to this, but I'm not working a regular job. Linda and I live and work together. We're here together. We're together all the time. She's my partner in my business. We shop together; we walk together; we swim together. We spend all day and all night together. So, I can do this and still have plenty of time for her. But, you're working a regular job. What kind of relationship could you have with anybody? What woman would put up with it? You wouldn't know about it, but there's this thing that women need. It's called: attention. 

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