Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mark O'Blazney claims that Oswald killed Kennedy.
Joseph Backes claims that he didn't. 
Isn't that an awfully big breach to bridge? 
So, why does O'Blazney heap praise on Joseph Backes?
And why does Backes want praise from a known Oswald accuser?

It's because there isn't a smidgen of principle in either of them. Backes refers to O'Blazney and others like him as his "lads" and says it's "honor and privilege" to know them. That's a supposed Oswald defender talking about known Oswald accusers. 

When has Joseph Backes ever condemned Larry Dunkel (alias: Gary Mack) for selling out? 

When has Joseph Backes ever written a blog criticizing John McAdams? I guess that whatever he think of McAdams, he doesn't think he is a stupid bitch. 

This is just a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." And, it shows how filthy, dirty, and corrupt they all are. While holding diametrically opposite positions about the JFK assassination, they eagerly kiss each other's asses- in broad daylight.  

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