Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backass, the men lining the wall on the inside were all cops. There was no chance that an attack was going to come from that side. They weren't going to have a cop shoot Oswald. An attack could only come from the side from which Ruby came. It's where they all should have been looking: Fritz, Leavelle, and Graves.
If you're only going to stare straight ahead and not scan the entire area, what good are you? What's the point of fearing an attack, as they announced they did, but not covering the whole zone from which an attack could come? This whole thing was insane. They were just moving him from one jail to another. There is no reason why they had to announce anything. There is no reason why they had to have reporters there. There is no reason why they had to make a media spectacle out of it. With so much said about the danger Oswald was in, why not do it quietly with no fanfare and without the slightest heads-up? No one should make excuses for this. There is no basis for lone-nutters to defend this, never mind CTs. There are no grounds for anybody to justify this or make excuses for it.   

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