Sunday, August 24, 2014

These are not the same woman, Backass. John Armstrong didn't invent it, but he did discover it. 

On the right, the real Marguerite was posing with the staff of a woman's clothing store in New Orleans at which she worked. The Marguerite of fame worked as a practical nurse; she never worked as a saleswoman in a clothing store. So, what would she have been doing with those people on the right?

Backes, you haven't read Harvey and Lee by John Armstrong. You just arbitrarily reject his work because you don't want to believe it. That's what you do repeatedly, Backes. You don't want it to be Oswald in the doorway, so you shut your eyes to all the evidence. 

Backes, both Jim Marrs and the late Jack White are supporters of John Armstrong and the Two Oswalds thesis. You don't trash them like you do me because you wouldn't dare. But, the facts are the facts. 

THE TWO OSWALDS, unmasking a Cold War secret spy operation that was the reason for the governmental assassination coverup! (not yet available; now in script stage)

This new video will feature the research of Jack White and John Armstrong, with script and direction by Jim Marrs. You will see how a minor Cold War spy intrigue provided conspirators with an assassination patsy and forced the government to cover up that fact till this day! Imagine the panic in government when it became known that the accused assassin was an agent of a U.S. intelligence agency, using the identity and legend created for him by that agency!!! You will see that at age 13, young Oswald loaned his identity to a future false defector to Russia. You will see that two Marguerite Oswalds were mothers to the two young Oswalds. The two young Oswalds pursued parallel courses until one of them, an alleged disgruntled Marine, defected to the Soviet Union to pursue unknown intelligence objectives. The other assumed a new identity and is probably alive today. The one who went to Russia as an agent, after returning to the US, was manipulated by his intelligence handlers into the tangled web of the JFK plot, assuring that no official investigation ever could be made into his identity! If you are interested in obtaining this forthcoming video, please send an E-mail message to and we will let you know when it becomes available.

I don't know if the film THE TWO OSWALDS, ever came out or not, but I do know that both Jack White and Jim Marrs have been strong vocal supporters of John Armstrong. 

So, this is not a Ralph Cinque thing, Backass. You are fighting a lot of people when you fight this. And before you fight it any further, why don't you read Harvey and Lee, cover to cover? Then see if you want to fight it. Jerk. 

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