Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Backass says that the reason we don't see Oswald's left arm behind his back is because Oswald is at a "near right angle" to the photographer, so Oswald's left side is out of view. 

Near right angle? Here is a man shot at a near right angle. 

Here is another example of a man who is at right angle to the photographer. 

It is nothing whatsoever like the situation in the squad room where the photographers were behind Oswald and not at near right angle to him. 

We are seeing both the right and left sides of Oswald's back. 

Backes, you are evil. You are wicked. You are cursed. You blast gunfire at John Kennedy every day of your miserable life. And you are so stupid, it is about impossible to debate you. You're not even coherent. You are a boob, a moron, and a nincompoop. You a vile, fire-breathing dragon, and I am a dragon-slayer. 

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