Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've been saying that these were 3 separate clips that were spliced together. They were not continuous with each other. 

Keep in mind that there is no doubt that the 1st and 2nd are disassociated. I pointed it out and Backes was forced to admit it. They were made to look continuous in the David Wolper film, Four Days in November, but they're not. So, the only question is: is the 3rd clip a return to the 1st one, or is it a 3rd unrelated clip? I say it's the latter. 

But now, let's compare the entourages because the cop and Oswald were not traveling alone; they had an entourage. Here's the first entourage as they got off the elevator. 

So, there is a guy in front of Oswald, but he doesn't count since he is in front of them. Then, you've got a guy in a Fedora hat and dark suit behind them. And then we see another guy with a full head of hair. 

We'll move on to the next entourage, but we'll skip the one that is obviously disparate, where Oswald's shirt was on, and he was escorted by detectives in Stetson hats. It has already been established that that is an unrelated clip. But, here's the entourage when they are entering the Homicide Division.

I don't recognize the guy with the bald spot on top, nor do I recognize the guy with the suave, Fonzerelli hair in back. I see the guy in the derby hat, but is he the same guy as before?

Are the hats shaped the same? I see the one on right as being flipped up more. But one thing is for sure: it's not a slam-dunk. You can't just assume they are the same guy because of the hat any more than you could assume every man in Dealey Plaza in a Fedora hat was Jack Ruby. You couldn't do it there, and you can't do it here. 

But, let's move inside the Squad room now and examine the entourage there.

And now, we can't connect any of the people here to the people in Entourage 1 or Entourage 2. Where's the Derby hat man? What happened to him? What happened to the Fonz? 

The fact that these entourages don't match is a problem, but it is not my problem. Those who want to say that it is all one continuous footage are the ones who have to explain it. The shuffling of people suggests that they are different footages, and they are. 

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