Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This is a comparison of Oswald's shirt on his way to the squad room (left) to Oswald's shirt in the squad room (right). Notice that on the left, the shirt looks photographic. It has all the photographic detail and sharpness that you would expect, and it doesn't seem the least bit weird or out of place. But, on the right, the shirt looks weird. The cop's arm seems to sink into a weird hodgepodge of color that is indiscernible. You can't make out what's what. It looks like something that was painted on. The bend in the arm is all wrong; it's contorted; it's deformed; it's severely deviated from normal. If that's his elbow at the bottom and his forearm going across (and what else could it be?) wouldn't it be painful? 

Remember that Oswald spent a lot of time in just a t-shirt. They led him around City Hall that way. He complained about it at the line-up. We know that in the DP footage they spliced together disparate clips and tried to make them look continuous. We know that that was done with this footage. I think what we're looking at on the right is that they tried to fake his shirt. They photoshopped that shirt on him, and I use the term loosely because they didn't have Photoshop back then; they used whatever means was available at the time. But, Oswald had already been reduced to just a t-shirt, and they wanted to rectify that with how he looked when he first arrived to tie the two together and make them look continuous. 

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